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Method for Preserving Eggs by Applying Egg Coating and Packaging Method

Date:2020-9-7      Author:Egg washing machine

Eggs have the characteristics of fear of high temperature, humidity, freezing, long-term storage, peculiar smell, and shock pressure. Improper storage or improper processing in production will result in the production of various inferior eggs, which will bring great losses to production and the economy.

Eggs cleaned by an egg washing machine is a major fresh egg product in circulation. Therefore, the fresh-keeping packaging of clean eggs will become a key technology for controlling the quality of eggs and extending the shelf life of eggs during the production process.

 Method for preserving eggs

The storage methods of poultry eggs include the soaking method, coating method, pasteurization method, air conditioning method, and burying method. Now explain the principle of the smear method in detail:

The principle of coating fresh-keeping storage is to use a coating agent to coat the surface of eggshells to block the gas exchange channels of eggs, that is, stomata, prevent microorganisms from invading, reduce water evaporation in eggs, and gradually accumulate CQ in eggs, inhibit enzyme activity and weaken The life decay process, to achieve the purpose of maintaining the freshness of the egg and reducing the cost.

The egg coating and fresh-keeping packaging methods are easy to operate, low production cost, good fresh-keeping effect, easy to realize automatic production, and energy-saving labor. Liquid paraffin is a commonly used egg coating material because of its low cost, easy operation, and its ability to increase the commercial value of eggs.

At present, the operation of coating fresh-keeping of eggs is mainly completed by manual operation. Large-scale production has not been formed in major chicken farms. The relevant coating fresh-keeping equipment is still in the research stage in China, let alone industrialized production. It seriously affected the quality and output of coated eggs.