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Matters Needing Attention in the Egg Cleaning Process

Date:2020-9-2      Author:Egg washing machine

Eggs can only be cleaned satisfactorily by using an egg cleaning machine. If the eggs are to be graded and washed, they should be washed first, and then moved directly to the grading equipment to avoid accidental movement of the eggs.

The capacity of the egg cleaning machine and the classifier must match, and the eggs must be dried before moving to the classifier to avoid stains on the eggshell. But in general, it is best not to wash the eggs. Washing usually reduces the hatching rate. This is because too much movement of the eggs can increase the number of broken eggs.

Egg Cleaning Process

Matters Needing Attention In The Egg Cleaning Process

Cleaning will destroy the oily layer covering the shell, exposing more pores on the shell. Therefore, when cleaning eggs, it is necessary to ensure the purity of the cleaning water to prevent the eggshell from being contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms.

However, sometimes the eggs must be washed, especially when the eggs are very dirty(How To Peel Fresh Eggs?). Some cleaning fluids can also kill microorganisms on eggshells. However, if the cleaning water is recycled, it will soon be contaminated.

Principles to be followed when washing eggs

Use appropriate detergent and makeup as needed. Drain the lotion used in the egg cleaning machine several times a day, and add fresh water and detergent after each drain. Add disinfectant and keep the egg washing machine running continuously so that the washing part is also washed when no eggs pass through.

The egg cleaning machine manufactured by LIJUN Machinery Plant has a reasonable design, complete composition, mature technology, stable performance, complete functions, clean cleaning, strong adaptability, and long service life. It should be used in accordance with the correct operation process during operation to reduce equipment damage.