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Making Egg Drop Soup

Date:2020-11-19      Author:Egg washing machine

Egg drop soup can also be called egg flower soup. Egg drop soup is a soup made with eggs as the main ingredient, broken up with other auxiliary materials. Its effects are to nourish beauty, relieve fatigue, and increase appetite.

Egg Drop Soup

Egg drop soup-making materials

Ingredients: Tomato: 250 grams (pitted, cut into pieces); 2 eggs (mix well); a moderate amount of oil
Accessories: Cloud ears: a little (soaked, put in boiling water and boil for a while, rinse cold)
Ingredients: appropriate amount of salt; the appropriate amount of sugar; pepper

The basic practice of egg drop soup

1. Add the chicken broth cubes to boiling water to make a clear soup and set aside.
2. Stir-fry tomatoes in oil, add chicken broth, cloud ears, salt, sugar, and pepper to a boil for a while.
3. Add eggs and mix well, ready to eat.

Nutritional value of egg drop soup

1. Tomato

Tomatoes are sweet, sour, slightly cold, enter the liver, spleen, and kidney meridians to improve protein digestion and reduce gastric bloating. Its characteristics are between fruits and vegetables. It is suitable for preparing health-preserving dishes. It is rich in vitamins A and C. Due to the protection of organic acids, the vitamin C of tomatoes is not destroyed during cooking so that people can be effective in Cooking it.

2. Eggs

Eggs are globally popular food with a wide range of uses. Eggs contain 15 different vitamins, riboflavin, folic acid, 12 minerals, and various amino acids required by the human body. The ratio is very close to that of the human body, with a utilization rate of 99.6%. The iron content in eggs is particularly rich, at 7.2mg/100g, with a utilization rate of 100%, which is a good source of human iron.

Egg drop soup is nutritious and delicious, you can try it if you like. If you need an egg breaker, you can contact LIJUN Machinery Plant.

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