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liquid Egg and Liquid Egg Processing

Date:2020-12-21      Author:Egg washing machine

Liquid egg refers to liquid fresh egg, which is a product in which poultry eggs are beaten and shelled, and the egg liquid is packaged and refrigerated (or frozen) after a certain treatment, instead of fresh eggs.

Liquid egg products include concentrated liquid eggs, whole egg liquid, white protein liquid, egg yolk liquid, salted or sweetened egg yolk liquid, enzyme-modified egg yolk liquid, and egg white and egg yolk mixed liquid in different proportions.

Poultry eggs have the characteristics of high nutrition and easy absorption. Like meat, grains, vegetables, etc., they occupy a high proportion in daily life.

The processing of poultry eggs into liquid eggs not only increases the added value but also facilitates transportation and consumption, which is conducive to promoting the development of the egg industry. The following is a brief description of the advantages, processing technology, and application of liquid eggs.

liquid egg

Advantages of liquid eggs

High quality

Liquid eggs basically retain the characteristics of fresh poultry eggs in terms of nutrition, flavor, and functional characteristics, and their quality is stable. Liquid egg products are hygienic and free of harmful bacteria and can be stored for several weeks at refrigerated temperatures. Products with added salt or sugar can be stored for several months under freezing conditions.


Liquid egg production kills pathogenic bacteria and ensures food safety.


Liquid egg production reduces labor costs, and mechanical egg beating improves the yield.


Liquid eggs can be directly used to produce products, easy to transport and store, and there is no eggshell garbage problem.

Liquid egg processing technology

Production Process

Fresh egg acceptance, storage → egg loading, washing → egg beating, separation → filtering, cooling → ingredients (adding sugar or salt) → homogenization, sterilization → packaging, and storage

Operation points

① Storage, cleaning, and egg-lighting of fresh eggs. Refrigeration at a low temperature of 0°C to 4°C, using alkaline cleaners with a solution temperature higher than 33°C and lower than 100°C to clean and disinfect After the egg inspection, clean the eggs with the inner and outer protective film intact before entering the egg beating process;
② Separate the beaten egg and egg liquid The temperature of the egg beating is kept at 15℃~20℃. During this step, the egg liquid will be exposed to the air, so the air entering the equipment must be filtered and maintained at a positive pressure;
③The egg liquid is collected, filtered, and cooled. It should be filtered immediately after breaking the eggs to reduce the possibility of contamination. If the pasteurization treatment is not carried out within 2 hours, it should be immediately cooled to below 4℃ for storage after filtration;
④Pasteurization. Due to the characteristics of the liquid egg itself, the sterilization temperature cannot be too high, otherwise, it may be cooked or lose its functional characteristics, so the liquid egg cannot be completely high-temperature sterilized. The pasteurization process will affect the superior functional properties of liquid egg products (such as foam, emulsification, and consistency), including the color and flavor of the final food. The minimum requirement allowed in the United States is to keep it at 60°C for 3.5 minutes, and the standard in some European and Asian countries is to keep it at 62.5°C for 2.5 minutes;
⑤Packaging. It is directly packaged after pasteurization and no storage tank is used to reduce the risk of infection while saving time and initial investment.

Application of Liquid Egg

Liquid eggs are widely used in industries such as food and cosmetics. In food processing plants or hotels, it can be used in the production of various cakes, pastries, custards, salad dressings, ice creams, healthy drinks, baby nutrition food, omelets, mayonnaise, etc.; in the cosmetics industry, egg whites are very important. Good mask ingredients, egg yolk can be used to make shampoo and conditioner.

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