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Lijun Washing and Drying Integrated Egg Processing Machine

Date:2020-9-2      Author:Egg washing machine

The demand for eggs in the market usually requires clean eggs, here is the washing and drying integrated egg processing machine produced by LIJUN Machinery Plant.

Lijun Washing and Drying Integrated Egg Processing Machine

When washing eggs, you can pour the whole basket of eggs into the sink, because the buoyancy of the water will not cause damage. When the eggs fall into the bottom of the pool, the conveyor roller will automatically arrange them into a single row and transfer the eggs from the water to the single-row egg washing machine.

Single-row egg washing machine equipment process: Put eggs in the water —washing —drying —light inspection —oil injection — coding —water tank to collect eggs series of cleaning and drying links have been completed, and necessary cleaning steps have been made for the hygiene of the egg processing process, and manual links have been reduced.

Commercial Egg Washing Machine

The hair roller brush is equipped with a spray device while scrubbing, so duck eggs, clay-coated eggs, and gray-coated eggs can be cleaned(Egg cleaning machine). After the cleaning work is completed, it is the drying process, which effectively guarantees the dry environment needed in the egg preservation process. After the cleaned eggs are blow-dried, they can directly enter the water tank to collect the eggs.

30%-40% of eggs in industrial countries are consumed in the form of liquid eggs; less than 10% of eggs in semi-industrial countries are processed, due to the lack of cold chain, most of them are processed into powdered products, and the remaining 90% of eggs are in the form of shell eggs Sales; non-industrial countries rely on imports for industrial egg powder, and consumption is limited to shell eggs.

The use of liquid eggs has the following advantages: pasteurized products will not be contaminated by Salmonella and other bacteria; liquid egg products retain the original characteristics of eggs to the greatest extent; there is no need for the refrigerated space required to store eggs; no treatment is required Eggshell; easy to process and store, etc.