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Is it Necessary to Use the Egg Washing Machine?

Date:2020-9-9      Author:Egg washing machine

Is it necessary to use an egg washing machine? Yes, need. These poultry eggs with large pathogenic bacteria groups are purchased by consumers through extensive and untreated circulation links. During this period, the air in vehicles, turnover boxes, shelves, hands, food, refrigerators, and households is completely under The environment polluted by poultry manure poses a great threat to our lives.

First, it is extremely unsanitary for direct consumption and processing of dirty eggs. A large amount of poultry manure, mucus, litter, weeds, blood spots, and other poultry excrements adhere to the surface of dirty eggshells. This dirt will adhere to or fall into the shelves, other foods, kitchen utensils, and affect the quality of egg products during the production of egg products, and reduce the product qualification rate.

Second, dirty eggs are directly consumed and used for processing, which can easily spread diseases. If the eggs are not promptly sanitized and sold directly after they are laid out, it is easy to cause the widespread spread of microorganisms and other bacteria. The eggs collected from the poultry breeding sites are a considerable carrier of pathogenic bacteria.

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In addition, due to the physiological characteristics of poultry, in addition to the possibility of avian influenza virus parasitism in poultry intestines and poultry feces, there are also a large number of pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, Newcastle disease, pullorum, and so on. Some of these poultry diseases are human and poultry diseases, and it is easy to spread widely among humans.

Another point is that the storage time of dirty eggs is shorter. Uncleaned eggs will reduce their shelf life due to microorganisms on the eggshell. From another perspective, cleaned eggs will pass through a disinfection coating and specific packaging methods. To extend the shelf life. Generally speaking, the shelf life of fresh eggs can be prolonged through cleaning, disinfection, and film preservation.

In countries where egg cleaning and processing are not very popular, it is easy to cause seasonal fluctuations in the price of poultry eggs(egg breaker &separator). The price of eggs is lower in the season when the production of poultry eggs is large, and the price increases when the production of poultry eggs is low. Such price fluctuations are not conducive to the stable development of the poultry and egg market.

Through the above introduction, do you think it is necessary to use an egg washing machine? If you have a large number of eggs and cannot be manually cleaned, you can use the egg washer made by  LIJUN Machinery Plant to clean and disinfect the eggs, which not only prevents microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria from entering the eggs but also ensures the safety of the eggs.