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Introduction to Quail Egg Food Recipes

Date:2021-2-16      Author:Egg washing machine

Quail eggs are considered “the ginseng among animals” and should be eaten as a nourishing food. The nutritional value of quail eggs is no less than that of eggs, and it has better skincare and skin beautification effects.

Share quail egg food recipes here, I hope friends who like to eat quail eggs can like it.

Food intake recommendation: 3~5 per day.
Suitable for the crowd: the general population can eat.
Contraindications: Those with high cholesterol content should not eat.

1. Pickled pepper quail eggs

Pickled pepper quail eggs

(1) Materials

Ingredients: 40 quail eggs
Accessories: half carrot
Seasoning: 4 grams of table salt; the appropriate amount of vinegar; 2 slices of ginger; 20 peppers; 20 pickled peppers; 6 grams of sugar.

(2) Production steps

Clean the quail eggs, put a pot under cold water, boil on high heat, turn to low heat and continue to cook for two minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for two minutes, take out and rinse.

Peel off the eggshell and wash it with warm water.

Shred ginger, cut carrots into diamond-shaped slices, wash and set aside pepper

In a frying pan, sauté carrots, ginger, pepper, and pickled peppers

Add pickled pepper water and hot water

Season with salt, sugar, and vinegar

Bring to a boil on high heat, continue to boil for 2 minutes

Pour into a container and let cool

Soak the processed quail eggs and eat after three hours

Tips for peeling quail eggs quickly and easily: shower the boiled quail eggs in a shower, then gently press and roll them with the palm of your hand to form fine lines on the eggshell, and then peel it by hand. It is easy and quick. The quail eggs are easy to peel completely.

Action: Improve eyesight; reduce blood sugar; soothe the nerves; strengthen brain; anti-allergic; help digestion.


The amount of pickled pepper and pickled pepper water is determined according to the individual’s hotness;

The brine can be made entirely of pickled pepper water or can be prepared with pickled pepper water and water. The salty, sweet, and sour taste of the brine depends on your taste, and you can adjust it with salt, sugar, and vinegar;

Keep it in an airtight container for half a day, and the quail eggs are more delicious.

2. Marinated five-spice quail eggs

Marinated five-spice quail eggs

(1) Materials

Ingredients: 500g quail eggs
Seasoning: appropriate amount of salt; the appropriate amount of star anise; the appropriate amount of cinnamon; the appropriate amount of dried chili; the appropriate amount of cooking wine; the appropriate amount of light soy sauce; the appropriate amount of soy sauce; the appropriate amount of bay leaves; the appropriate amount of pepper powder; the appropriate amount of sugar.

(2) Production steps

Cook the quail eggs in a pan under cold water

Take out the cooked quail eggs and knap until they break

Pour all the spices into the pot (you can put more soy sauce)

Put the boiled quail eggs into the soup

Add water over the quail eggs

After the high heat is boiled, turn to low heat and cook until the soup is dry

Effect: Soothe the nerves; strengthen the brain; anti-allergic.

Cooking skills

If the quail eggs are boiled in a pot under water, the cracked eggs will overflow the egg liquid, so I like to cook the eggs in a pot under cold water.

After being cooked, the egg skin will be cracked so that it will taste better when marinated.

When marinating, boil on high heat and cook on low heat so that the soup will penetrate the eggs better.

After the quail eggs are marinated, it is best to leave a little soup so that they can be soaked in the soup for a period of time so that it will be more delicious. I poured the quail eggs into the soup after taking the film.

3. Braised quail eggs

Braised quail eggs

(1) Materials

Ingredients: 1 bowl of quail eggs
Seasoning: appropriate amount of salad oil; 1 pinch of rock sugar; 1 piece of green onion; half a piece of ginger; 5 dried chilies; the appropriate amount of soy sauce; a little white sesame.

(2) Production steps

Wash and boil quail eggs

Peel the cooked quail eggs and set them aside

Sliced ​​ginger, sliced ​​green onion

Add oil to the wok, add rock sugar to melt

After the icing sugar melts, put the quail eggs and stir fry

Add green onion, ginger dried chili, and stir fry

Pour in the soy sauce and add water

After boiling, simmer for 10 minutes

Collect the soup on high heat just before it is out of the pot, sprinkle in white sesame seeds, and stir-fry evenly.

Tips for peeling quail eggs quickly:

Prepare a sealed box and pour one-fifth of the water

After putting the boiled quail eggs, close the lid

Then hold the sealed box with both hands and shake it up and down for about 3 minutes

After the quail egg hits the box, the skin has basically fallen off and it is very easy to peel off

Function: soothe the nerves; strengthen the brain; anti-allergic

4. Red Dates and Quail Egg Wine Stuffed

Red Dates and Quail Egg Wine Stuffed

(1) Materials

Ingredients: 200 grams of rice wine; 4 quail eggs; 3 red dates.
Seasoning: appropriate amount of rock sugar; 1 small bowl of water.

(2) Production steps

Wash the red dates, remove the pit, and chop

Put the fermented rice in the pot, pour in water, and stir well

Add chopped red dates and cooked quail eggs, boil on high heat, turn to low heat and cook for 5 minutes, add sugar, and cook until saccharified.

Effect: Soften blood vessels; calm nerves; supplement calcium; enrich blood; prevent cancer; strengthen brain; lower cholesterol; anti-allergic.

Food tips

Traditional medicine believes that when a parturient gives birth to a child, the qi and blood are exhausted, and the yang fluid is strained. Drinking some of these nourishments can replenish blood and promote qi flow, promote blood circulation, regulate the body’s qi and blood, and avoid postpartum deficiency of qi and blood, dizziness, and fatigue. At the same time, modern medicine has confirmed that drinking rice wine after childbirth can help puerpera avoid wind and cold. It can prevent postpartum joint pain and many other diseases, and it can also promote menstrual flow and promote blood circulation. Spleen and stomach can promote milk secretion.

There are many ways to drink rice wine after childbirth. You can cook rice wine, osmanthus garden, and egg flower together, or stew it with brown sugar water, all of which have good results. Brown sugar not only has the function of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, and promotes smooth lochia, but also rich in iron and calcium, which can prevent excessive blood loss during lactation and cause anemia. Also, stewing meat with rice wine can make the meat more tender and easier to digest.

Quail eggs are rich in protein, and mothers need 90-100 grams of protein per day, which is 20-30 grams more than normal women. Maternal lactation consumes 10-15 grams of protein every day, and infants consume a large amount of 8 essential amino acids within 6 months, so the quality of dietary protein for lactating mothers is very important.

5. Tiger Skin Quail Eggs

Tiger Skin Quail Eggs

(1) Materials

Ingredients: 300g quail eggs
Accessories: 100 grams of black fungus
Seasoning: appropriate amount of salad oil; the appropriate amount of salt; a little soy sauce; the appropriate amount of ginger; the appropriate amount of garlic; some sugar; the appropriate amount of shallots; 1 spoonful of Pixian bean paste.

(2) Production steps

The quail eggs are cooked in a pot of cold water and removed from the shell and dried.

Heat the pan with oil, and when the oil temperature is 5.6 to hot, add the dried quail eggs.

Deep-fried until golden and tiger skin

Remove the oil control and reserve

Leave a little base oil in the pot, add ginger and minced garlic until fragrant

Add 1 tablespoon of Pixian Douban to fry the red oil, then add black fungus and fry slightly

Pour quail eggs

Stir in salt, soy sauce, and white sugar, and cook on low heat for 4.5 minutes. When the quail eggs are tasted, the sauce will be collected on high heat, sprinkle with chopped green onions, and stir well.

Function: weight loss; detoxification; soothe the nerves; enrich blood; strengthen brain; anti-allergic

Cooking skills

When boiling quail eggs, put the eggs into the pot with cold water, so that the eggshells are less likely to break during the cooking process.

In the final process of burning quail eggs, you can also add carrots, cucumbers, green peppers, etc. according to your own preferences