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Introduction to Egg Processing Products

Date:2021-2-15      Author:Egg washing machine

Eggs are a very nutritious food. At room temperature in summer, fresh eggs may spoil within 12 hours, but the storage time of egg processing products is much longer than fresh eggs.

With the consumer demand in the market, personalized and innovative functionality, formulated egg products, and personalized snack foods will be a major consumer trend. The egg processing market is driven by the growth in demand for egg products. The reason for the growth is that processed egg products can ensure safety, reduce the risk of contamination and extend the shelf life. The increased use of processed egg products in the food and beverage industry has also boosted the market.

Egg Processing Products

Eggs have emulsifying properties and can be processed into mayonnaise, salad dressing, and ice cream. Eggs have thermal denaturation and coagulation properties. They can be used as binders, noodle enhancers, and food dehydration inhibitors in the production of ham and sausages. The protein is glued and can maintain the original flavor of aquatic products in the surimi products. Xu, livestock, and poultry foods can improve their elasticity and texture; eggs are used in the ingredients of cakes, biscuits, bread, and cold drink products. These products are though The added value is low, the output value is large, which can bring stable benefits.

At the same time, it is used in food ingredients such as cakes, biscuits, bread, noodles, and cold drink products to play the role of seasoning, fermentation, and emulsification. Protein powder and egg yolk powder separate the egg white and the yolk, which can be adapted to the needs of different products. As for the production of hard-boiled eggs, the soft or hard yolk can be cooked according to customer requirements, and then filmed, shelled, cut, packaged, and finished Factory.

Egg products are ideal raw materials and additives for frozen foods, pasta products, meat products, puffed snack foods, high-end candy, and other products. All indicators are up to national excellence, with long shelf life, easy storage, convenient use, etc., making it an ideal partner for industrialized food.

The processing of egg products includes crushing, filtering, mixing, stabilizing, mixing, pasteurizing, cooling, freezing or drying, and packaging. Liquid, frozen and dried egg products are the main types and can be used as whole eggs, white eggs, egg yolks, and various mixtures. These egg products are widely used in the food and beverage industry as ingredients in products such as pasta, noodles, salad dressings, and dairy products. The types of egg processing equipment used include egg breakers, egg fillers, egg pasteurizers, and egg handling and storage machines. With the demand for high-quality and cleaner products, the egg processing market is growing. In order to respond to demand, we continue to develop new products and attach great importance to innovation and product functionality.

According to the application, product type, and egg type, different market segments are analyzed. According to the application, the market is segmented into bakery, confectionery, dairy products, ready-to-eat, soups, and seasonings. According to the product type, it is divided into dry, liquid, and frozen egg products. The report also includes key market drivers and inhibitors, and their impact.

Egg processing products include extracting lysozyme, processing egg butter, producing biological calcium citrate, extracting tannin protein, extracting ovarian, and producing calcium acetate.

Egg products should be studied in biology and medicine, such as the extraction of functional factors, lysozyme, lecithin, immunoglobulin IGY, ovotransferrin, and other high-tech technological innovations, which will also increase the added value of the industry. A major breakthrough direction.

Advantages and applications of egg processing products

1. Advantages of egg processing products

(1) Regardless of the quality of the eggs, they can meet the food safety standards after high-temperature sterilization; (2) Extend the service life of the eggs. The shelf life of egg liquid is up to 12 weeks, and the shelf life of egg powder is 18 months;
(3) Increase the added value of products;
(4) Reduce the impact of egg price fluctuations on enterprises;
(5) Increase exports and expand market share.

2. Application of egg processing products

Liquid eggs and egg powder deep-processed products are widely used in salad dressings, baked goods, noodles, ice cream, surimi, biscuits, meat sausages, desserts, and other foods, and are becoming fast-food steamed eggs, egg soy milk, egg pudding, egg drinks, Penetrate into new egg products such as lysozyme and dry egg membrane.

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