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Introduction of Egg Powder Making Machine

Date:2021-1-26      Author:Egg washing machine

Egg powder is a portion of excellent nutritious food, a powder made from egg products. Egg drying is an economical method of preservation and can also extend the shelf life. Egg powder can be easily stored and transported without refrigeration at room temperature.

Egg white and egg yolk have different characteristics. To avoid contamination, it is recommended to use a separate dryer for each product.

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Early-stage processing of egg powder making machine

The eggs need to be pre-processed before being sent to the dryer. First, the dirty eggs need to be cleaned to remove the damaged eggs; then the egg white and the egg yolk are separated. Usually, manual egg breaking is selected, but now the machine is developed, you can choose to use an automatic egg breaking machine.

It is important to separate the egg white from the yolk because the yolk contamination in the egg white will affect the quality of the final powder.

After separation, the egg white and egg yolk are pasteurized at 64-65°C for 2-4 minutes to ensure the removal of bacteria; then they are sent to the spray dryer.

Egg powder making machine workflow

The egg powder machine spray dryer is a continuous atmospheric pressure dryer that centrifugally dries the egg liquid into egg powder.

Spray dryers are widely used in electronics, ceramics, magnetic materials, battery materials, the food industry, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, etc.

The spray dryer of the egg powder maker uses a pneumatic or electric atomization device to make the egg liquid centrifugal spray at a high speed into mist droplets, and then these mist droplets contact the hot air in the drying chamber and are dried immediately. Finally, dry the powdered egg within a short 1-1.5 seconds and while falling.

The egg white is first fermented to remove sugar (glucose). The product is then evaporated under high pressure in a drying chamber. The hot air evaporates and removes moisture. The powder is collected under the chamber and is further transported to a sieve equipped with a metal detector, and from there to its final packaging. Then put the egg white powder into the hot chamber for dry pasteurization.

According to the working principle of the spray dryer of the egg powder machine, you may need to understand: the egg liquid is sprayed into droplets through a high-speed centrifugal atomizer and contacted with hot air to complete the drying process. The yolks and whole eggs are pasteurized before entering the dryer.

The egg powder is continuously output between the bottom of the drying tower and the cyclone separator, and the exhaust gas discharged from the dust collector is discharged through the induced draft fan.

Advantages of egg powder making machine

1. High efficiency
2. Simple operation and easy to clean.
3. Wide range of applications.

Egg powder application field

Fast food preparation
ice cream