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Industrial Egg Washing Machine: Large Batch Cleaning Processing Equipment

Date:2020-9-2      Author:Egg washing machine

The industrial egg washing machine adopts the egg in water to save labor and improve efficiency. The egg cleaning and processing equipment adopt special gearbox transmission, low power, and compact structure. The model is easy to use and reliable, especially suitable for users with small sites and low output.

The overall operation mode of the industrial egg washing machine

Eggs in the water: Pour the whole basket of eggs into the water tank, the eggs will be transported automatically through the conveyor chain, and the position of the eggs will be automatically adjusted during the transportation process.

High-pressure spraying: The spraying liquid can be heated by high-pressure spraying with clean water during the conveying process to clean the egg surface.

Large Batch Cleaning Processing Equipment

Brush cleaning: After being sprayed with clean water, it will enter the brush for cleaning. The eggs are guaranteed to rotate at the same time during the conveying process, and the brush is used to scrub the eggs in all directions.

Egg collection in water: After cleaning, the brush will drop directly into the sink, and the egg basket can be placed in the sink to collect the washed eggs.

Brushing and drying: After the second brush, on the one hand, continue to dry the surface of the egg, and at the same time quickly dry the surface of the egg with strong wind.

Sterilization code spray: At the same time, it is sterilized again by ultraviolet irradiation; spray the production date and batch number on the surface of the cleaned eggs;

Spray film: spray white mineral oil on the surface of dry and hygienic eggs. The food-grade white mineral oil is atomized into particles below 0.05mm by an air atomizing nozzle, which is coated on the surface of the eggshell and is quickly absorbed by the pores of the eggshell to form a protective film to reduce water loss in the egg and prevent the entry of external bacteria, To achieve the purpose of preservation;

Light penetration inspection of eggs: The transmission system automatically sends the eggs into the light inspection section, the light source is emitted from the lower part of the egg, and the light inspector observes the egg from the upper part and manually removes it when a stale egg or a crack in the shell is found;

Grading: The conveyor system sends the eggs into the weighing system. According to the weight of the eggs and the pre-set egg weight level, after grading, the eggs are packaged by hand.

The above is the overall operation mode of the industrial egg cleaning machine. If you need to know or the full introduction of large-scale egg cleaning and processing equipment, please visit: Egg processing machinery products to view.