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How to Wash Fresh Eggs: Automatic Egg Washer

Date:2020-8-28      Author:Egg washing machine

Some people think that the surface of the eggshells bought back is too dirty, so they rinse the eggs with clean water before saving. This practice will damage the nutritional value of eggs, and even deteriorate the egg liquid. There is a layer of “hoar frost” on the outside of the eggshell, which functions to close the stomata on the eggshell, which can prevent bacteria from entering the egg, but also prevent the evaporation of water in the egg; keep the egg liquid fresh and tender.

How to wash fresh eggs

Both the avian influenza virus and Salmonella are very afraid of heat, as long as you eat well-cooked eggs, there will be no problem. I really don’t think it can stand it, so I rinse it with water when I am ready to use it. Don’t save after washing.

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After washing the eggs with water, the “hoarfrost” will fall off, bacteria will invade, water will evaporate, and the eggs will deteriorate. Therefore, do not rinse the eggs that need to be preserved. When preparing to use, of course, clean the eggshells and cook them in the pot.

If there are a large number of eggs or an industry that specializes in processing eggs, then you can’t just rely on manual hand washing to clean the eggs. Then you need to use an automatic egg washer to reduce your workload. Customers who want to know the relevant automatic egg washing machine products can get relevant information by viewing the egg cleaning machine.

Effective ways to preserve eggs

Many people are accustomed to storing bought eggs directly on the refrigerator shelf. Putting fresh eggs on the refrigerator shelf is not hygienic and will damage the eggs and other food in the refrigerator. Because there are bacteria such as Bacillus subtilis, Pseudosporus, Escherichia coli, and other bacteria on the eggshells, these bacteria can grow and reproduce at low temperatures, and the temperature of the refrigerator storage room is usually about 4 ℃, which cannot inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.

This is not only unfavorable to the storage of eggs, it is easy to spoil the eggs, and it will also cause pollution to other foods in the refrigerator. The correct way is to put the fresh eggs into dry and clean food bags, and then put them on the refrigerator egg rack to store it is safer.

Different placement methods determine the quality of egg preservation. The big head is best! Eggs stored with the big end up have less quality reduction and are more tender. Because the stomata of the egg are mainly concentrated on the big end of the eggshell, move the big end up to prevent the egg liquid from affecting the respiration, resulting in the insufficient freshness of the egg.