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How to Use Egg Washer Machine to Clean Fresh Eggs on Farm

Date:2020-8-24      Author:Egg washing machine

Dry-cleaning eggs is to use a dry and slightly abrasive thing to wipe off dust or feces until the eggs are clean. With this method, you do not need to use water or any disinfectant.

Method of dry cleaning eggs

Use a sanding sponge, loofah, fine sandpaper or some form of abrasive sponge to dry clean the eggs. Clean the sponge or loofah regularly, or discard the old sponge and replace it with a new sponge.

This method retains the natural antibacterial coating called “bloom”. Washing eggs with water can remove flowers and promote bacterial growth.

Electric Egg Washer Machine

The main bacteria to avoid in eggs is Salmonella, which is a food-borne food and may cause food poisoning. If there are bacteria on the eggshell, you will only risk Salmonella infection and plan to eat the eggs in raw preparation. Some popular seasonings are raw eggs, such as fresh mayonnaise, mayonnaise, and Caesar seasoning. However, cooking will kill bacteria.

Method of wet egg washing

Sometimes the eggs are too dirty or too difficult to clean. It is not uncommon for feces or dried egg yolks (broken coop eggs) to appear unsightly stains or splashes.

If you seem to be unable to clean them with dry cleaning, you need to wet the eggs. The water used is warmer than the temperature of the eggs. Maintain a medium temperature, not hot but not cold. Avoid using cold water altogether. Coldwater may cause the pores in the eggshell to suck bacteria from the surface into unwanted eggs. Never immerse or soak eggs in water.

Rinse the eggs with running water under the tap, or spray the eggs with warm water into the cover or wire basket of the washing machine. Let them sit down and dry them with dry paper towels at a time. Put the clean eggs in another basket or flat place.

To disinfect eggs, spray the cleaned eggs with a diluted bleach solution. Let the eggs dry on a shelf, in a basket, or on the surface of the washing machine. If water and disinfectant sprays are not enough to remove particularly stubborn stains, you can soak eggs in warm vinegar to remove these stains.

The above methods will use a lot of manpower and material resources, which greatly affects the production efficiency. Therefore, the Lijun Machinery Factory has produced a large-scale egg cleaning machine for a large number of fresh eggs on the farm.

How to Use Egg Washer Machine to Clean Fresh Eggs on Farm

This egg washer machine uses swing brush cleaning, high-pressure water spray, and blower drying, which effectively saves the labor intensity of manual cleaning of eggs. Use with the peeled egg production line and broken egg production line.