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How to Quickly Collect Eggs From the Farm?

Date:2020-9-25      Author:Egg washing machine

How to quickly collect eggs from the farm? Use the egg collection system to collect eggs. The egg collection system is very important in modern scale chicken farms. Its powerful egg collection function has made a huge change in the production method of the layer farm, making the layer industry more efficient and intensive.

The egg collection system provided by Lijun Machinery Factory has the following advantages and characteristics:

The egg collection system has a strong ability to automatically collect eggs, which can significantly save time and labor costs; the egg collection system is gentle in transportation and the components are smoothly connected, so that the collected eggs are of good quality, clean, free of cracks, and no damage;

The egg collection system can accurately count, and the manager can quickly understand the number of eggs laid per layer, column, and henhouse, and obtain corresponding detailed data and economic benefit analysis;

The design is flexible, and different solutions can be designed according to different chicken farm scales and chicken house design structures; the egg collection system is stable and reliable, and installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance are simple and easy.

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Precautions for design and installation of egg collection system:

Due to the precision of the egg collection system, it is required to make corresponding planning and design before installation, and the flatness of the chicken farm ground and the structure of the chicken house building need to be considered;

It is necessary to evaluate the current and future production capacity of the chicken farm in order to be equipped with an egg collection system with corresponding collection capacity; before installation, it is necessary to determine the selection of group collection or the simultaneous collection and other collection methods in order to design the best solution.

The above is the quick way to collect farm eggs provided by Lijun Machinery Factory. Do you want the same convenient operation? Then please get in touch with us.