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How to Extend the Freshness of Chicken Egg

Date:2021-2-5      Author:Egg washing machine

The nutritional content of a chicken egg is still very high, eating one chicken egg every day can supplement the protein needed by the human body.

As a very common nutritional product in our daily life, chicken egg actually has a shelf life. Generally, the temperature is in the refrigerator and the shelf life is about 40 days. If it is at normal room temperature, it can be stored for 15 days in winter and at room temperature in summer. Keep it for about 10 days at most. Therefore, how to extend the freshness of chicken eggs becomes more and more important.

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How to Extend the Freshness of Chicken Egg?

1. Wipe the chicken egg without washing

If you find that the chicken egg is too dirty, wipe it, don’t wash it. The unwashed chicken egg can keep its freshness for a longer time. There are many holes and films in the eggshell. The film is a natural protection, if it remains intact, the chicken egg will keep its freshness longer.

2. Lime solution covers the chicken egg

According to the recommendations of the United States Department of Agriculture, covering chicken eggs with a lime solution and storing them in a stoneware jar is another way to keep chicken eggs fresh for at least 2 months.

3. Apply mineral oil

You can simply get help from mineral oil. Heat a little bit of mineral oil and spread it evenly on each chicken egg so that it is covered. Now, you can put the carton at room temperature or even in the refrigerator according to your choice. Don’t worry, the freshness of the chicken egg will be retained for at least 5 months.

4. Keep sealed

Put the fresh chicken egg into the storage, seal it and drop it into 50-60% carbon dioxide to suppress the carbon dioxide emission inside the chicken egg, reduce respiration, and extend the shelf life of the chicken egg.

5. Don’t put it together with onion, ginger, and garlic

The common green onion, ginger, and garlic in the kitchen have a strong taste. We usually don’t put chicken eggs together with these vegetables, because there are many small pores on the surface of the chicken egg. These pungent smells will enter the inside of the chicken egg through the pores. Cause the chicken egg to deteriorate.

6. Rely on natural preservatives

You can fill a container with natural preservatives such as wood ash, chaff, sawdust, bran, etc. These soft materials can alleviate external mechanical damage, reduce the influence of temperature, and enhance moisture absorption. Therefore, the chicken egg remains dry, which can inhibit the activity of spoilage bacteria.

7. Reasonable placement

How can the chicken egg be stored for a longer time? We can put the chicken egg with the big end up and the small end down, which will extend the storage time of the chicken egg.

8. How to store chicken without a refrigerator

Without a refrigerator, you can spread the rice in a container, then bury the chicken egg with the big end up and the small end down, and just bury it directly in the chicken egg. This can isolate the air and prolong the storage time of the chicken egg.

How to judge whether a chicken egg has deteriorated?

1. Shake it with your hand. The chicken egg with no sound is fresh. If there is sound, it may deteriorate.

2. Put the chicken egg in clean water, the sinking is the fresh chicken egg, and the floating is the long-standing chicken egg.

3. Open the chicken egg. If the yolk is loose, it cannot be eaten.