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How to Boil and Peel Quail Eggs Quickly?

Date:2020-8-31      Author:Egg washing machine

The automatic quail egg boiling &peeling process line is specially designed for peeling hard-boiled eggs. The use of mechanized shelling treatment can quickly and cleanly separate the eggshells, without harm or damage to the egg body, improve work efficiency, and reduce labor costs. This machine is widely used in egg processing factories.

Working principle of automatic boiled egg shelling machine

Before peeling the shell, of course, the egg needs to be cooked first. Here is a double-boiled method using steam: first steam the eggs with steam.

It is best to choose fresh eggs for 2-3 days (summer) or 4-5 days (winter). Heat the water to about 85 degrees, then pour the eggs. At the same time, use high heat to stir the eggs and boil.

 Boil And Peel Quail Eggs Quickly

After boiling, pick out the damaged eggs. After the steam and water are mixed and heated, the skin of the thoroughly cooked egg will be a little broken to ensure that it is well cooked and peeled later.

After a mild fire lasts for 15-20 minutes, remove the eggs and cool them in cold water. After a quarter of an hour, pour the cooled eggs into the sheller and soak them in cold water. Connect the power and water supply, first turn on the water pump, and then turn on the machine to control the water flow appropriately.

The boiled eggs then need to be immersed in a cold water tank for cooling, and a high-power refrigeration unit is used to ensure the low temperature of the water. Once the boiled egg enters the cold water, the eggshell membrane and egg white will shrink to different degrees due to the cold, forming a relatively large gap. This step plays an important role in the subsequent peeling of the egg.

Finally, the shelling machine breaks the eggshells by constantly vibrating. Complete a series of peeling work processes.

The quail egg boiling &peeling process line produced by LIJUN Machinery Plant is of good quality, versatile, and easy to operate. Those who want to purchase quail egg boiling &peeling process line can contact LIJUN Machinery Plant.