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How are Factory-Made Eggs Produced?

Date:2021-1-8      Author:Egg washing machine

Speaking of eggs, no one does not know them. Eggs are the most nutritious food. There are many ways to prepare eggs, such as poached eggs, poached eggs, omelets, steamed eggs, and so on. Do you know how are factory-made eggs produced?

Egg production plant

In a fully enclosed chicken house, the entire environment is in particularly good sanitary conditions, and there is no smelly feeling, but exceptionally clean. The temperature in the chicken house is suitable, because the too high or too low temperature will affect the production and quality of eggs, and it must be cleaned and disinfected every few days.

Egg production factory hen

The main task of these chickens is to lay eggs. Under the careful care and scientific management of their owners, these chickens begin to perform their egg-laying missions after 120 days. After the chicken lays the eggs, the eggs will slide down from the chute to the conveyor belt under the stone trough. After screening and separation, the cracked, oversized, or soft-shelled eggs are removed, and then the eggs that meet the standards are uniformly packed into the tray.

Egg production line of egg production factory

Because the appearance of some eggs is not very clean, they have to go through a cleaning process to ensure that each egg is clean, and then carry outstrip packaging, packaging, weighing, and grading, and then spray the logo after the weight is qualified. Loaded out of the warehouse and sent to the market for sale. Therefore, the eggs we eat are all produced by hens, and there is no such thing as artificial production, so you don’t have to worry about safety, just eat it with confidence.

Egg packing in egg production factory

Looking at this kind of egg-producing factory, do you think that technological progress has indeed brought great convenience to our lives?