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Home-style Separation of Egg Yolk and Egg White

Date:2020-9-29      Author:Egg washing machine

When we use eggs to make food, we will encounter the need to separate the egg white and egg yolk. Do you know how to separate egg white and egg yolk? Here are several home-style separations of egg yolk and egg white.

Slotted spoon method: Take a slotted spoon with a suitable mesh size, knock the egg into the slotted spoon, and the egg white will slowly flow out from the mesh. You can also knock the eggs into a bowl first, then scoop up the yolks with a slotted spoon, and wait for the egg whites to run out.

Separating egg yolks and egg whites in this way is very useful, but the key is to have a colander with a suitable mesh size. If the mesh is too large, the egg yolk will be easily broken. Is the best.

Special separator: It is of course the most convenient to use a special separator to separate egg whites and egg yolks. It is a special tool for this. We only need to knock the eggs into the separator.

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Gouging method: Put the bottom of the egg upright, cut a bean-sized hole in it, and then gently shake the hole down, the egg white will slowly flow out from the small eye. When using this method to separate egg whites and egg yolks, remember not to shake the egg vigorously, otherwise, the yolk will be broken and the separation will fail.

This method also has shortcomings: one is that the yolk is easily broken when the force is too strong, and the separation fails; the second is that the yolk is easily blocked in the hole and the egg white cannot flow out; the third is that it takes more time to get one. Eggs will take a few minutes.

Bottle suction method: first knock the egg into the bowl, then take a plastic empty mineral water bottle, squeeze the bottle slightly with your hands, tilt the bottle mouth close to the center of the egg yolk, and loosen the handle slightly, the egg yolk will be covered Suck it into the bottle.

The technical content of this method is a little bit big. The bottle must be tilted and aligned with the egg yolk. If it is sucked vertically, it will easily make the egg yolk slip back. If it is not correct, it is easy to suck the egg white in. It takes more practice to make it perfect.

Cup buckle method: After the egg is knocked into the bowl, find a cup that is about the same size as the egg yolk, pour the cup down on the yolk, and then pour out the egg whites in the bowl. In the end, only one cup remains in the bowl. Only the egg yolk. If there are more suitable cups, this separation method is relatively simple and easy to implement.

Repeated pouring method: First prepare an empty bowl to pick up the egg whites, then gently break the eggs into two halves, tilt them at a certain angle, and pour them from side to side. Finally, the egg yolks are left in the shell and the egg whites are drained in the bowl.

The above method is suitable for small-scale egg separation. If you want to achieve large-scale egg separation, the above method is obviously not applicable. You can consider the egg breaker & separator of the Lijun Machinery Factory, which can solve the problem of a large production line for you. Large-scale egg processing helps you effectively improve production efficiency.