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Four Details You Need to Know to Eat Eggs

Date:2020-11-27      Author:Egg washing machine

Eggs are the most common food in our daily life. It is very delicious and also rich in high nutritional value. Although eggs have high nutritional value, they must be eaten in the right way. Using the wrong way to eat them may also have an adverse effect on health. 4 details about eating eggs, you need to know!

Egg yolk

Don’t eat more eggs, the better

Among the types of food we eat every day, eggs are essential. Eggs contain choline, vitamin B family, high-quality protein, lecithin, and other nutrients needed by the human body, which are very beneficial to health.

Although eggs are very nutritious, the more you eat, the better. Some people eat five or six eggs a day, or even more, which is not advisable.

Each food has a unique nutritional value. Eating a single food in a large amount will inevitably reduce the intake of other types of food. This will lead to imbalanced nutrition or excessive single nutrient substance for a long time, which is not good for health.

Eating raw eggs hurts more than nutrition

The way of eating raw eggs is more and more sought after by young people. They believe that the protein in eggs will be denatured after being heated and lose their nutritional value, and eating raw eggs can retain the nutrients in the eggs to the maximum extent for the human body to absorb.

There are also people who think that eating raw eggs can remove the fire and maintain health. But this is not the case. Uncooked eggs may retain some bacteria, germs, and parasites, and humans may be infected by them after eating.

In addition, raw eggs contain an antitrypsin substance, which can hinder the body’s absorption of protein. When the egg is cooked, this substance no longer exists, and the human body can better absorb the protein in the egg. nutrition.

Tea leaf  eggs are not healthy

Nutrition experts advise everyone to eat as little tea eggs as possible. Although it is said that the tea and eggs can be boiled together to make the eggs taste better, but after the tea is boiled for a long time, the concentration of the tea will increase, which will produce more tannins.

The combination of tannic acid and the protein in the egg will produce coagulated sediment that affects the absorption of protein, reducing the nutritional value of the egg.

At the same time, tea also contains a lot of alkaloids. These substances combine with the iron in eggs to form iron sulfide, which will also affect the absorption and utilization of iron by the human body, which can easily lead to anemia in the human body. The alkaloids in tea also affect the body’s absorption of calcium, making the body prone to osteoporosis.

You must eat egg yolk

Many people don’t like to eat egg yolks and think that egg yolks are choking and not tasty. There are also middle-aged and elderly friends who are wary of the cholesterol in egg yolks, and think that eating egg yolks is bad for cardiovascular.

I want to remind everyone here that you must not throw away the yolk when you eat eggs, because the yolk of an egg is an out-and-out nutritional treasure house, which is rich in various vitamins, as well as high-quality protein, oleic acid, lecithin, and many others. Minerals needed by the human body.

Eating eggs and throwing away the yolk means losing the most nutritious part of the egg, which is too wasteful.

At the same time, middle-aged and elderly friends don’t have to worry about the cholesterol in egg yolk. A large number of studies have shown that dietary cholesterol does not directly affect the level of cholesterol in the blood of Enti. If you eat one egg a day, your cholesterol intake is not good. , Middle-aged and elderly friends can rest assured to eat.

How to eat eggs healthier?

The price of eggs is cheap, but their nutritional value is very high. Therefore, eating eggs in an appropriate amount every day is very beneficial to our health. Although eggs are good, you need to eat them in a normal way. So how can eggs be healthier? Let’s take a look!

Boiled in the shell: After the egg is cooked, the cholesterol in the yolk will be oxidized, causing it to lose its nutritional value. At the same time, the protein of boiled eggs is easier to digest by the human body. Therefore, boiled eggs with eggshells are the most recommended way to cook eggs.

Eggs can be boiled for 5 or 6 minutes: the time to boil eggs also has a lot to do with the body’s absorption of nutrients from eggs. Half of the boiled eggs should be ready for 5 to 6 minutes after the water is boiled. Cooking for too long will cause excessive coagulation of the egg whites and affect the body’s absorption of protein.

Don’t just eat eggs for breakfast: eggs have high nutritional value, but they have very low carbon water content. Therefore, when you eat breakfast, you can’t just eat an egg, you need to have some carbohydrate-rich gaze because our body organs and brain cells need carbohydrate to replenish their energy.

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