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Follow Lijun to Understand the Law of Hen Laying

Date:2020-9-4      Author:Egg washing machine

The laying period of a laying hen is mainly in three stages: the initial stage, the high-yield stage, and the final stage. The characteristic of hens laying eggs throughout the year is the result of human intervention and stimulation.

Follow Lijun to understand the law of hen laying

The primiparous period is the period when the laying hen just begins to lay eggs. During this period, because the laying hen just started to lay eggs, the physiological function is not perfect, so the laying is irregular and abnormal.

The morning and evening of peak egg production are related to feeding and management conditions. The higher the degree of feeding restriction during the rearing period, the faster the peak appears. For flocks with restricted light during the rearing period, the egg production peak appeared earlier than the flocks without restricted light during the rearing period.

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After the well-managed chickens in the rearing period reach the egg production peak, the egg production rate can generally reach 93%-94%, and the higher can reach 95%-97%. It will be maintained for 3-4 weeks, and then it will be reduced by 0.5% every week. –1%, a linear and steady decline, until 72 weeks of age, the egg production rate can still be maintained at 65%-70%.

Many breeders think that the brooding period and the laying period are very important, and they often ignore the feeding management during the rearing period. In order to reduce the feeding cost, some breeders even feed the chickens with poor quality feed during the rearing period.

These practices are very wrong. Yes, the rearing period is to prepare for the later laying period. For example, the development of tibia and pubic bone is mainly perfect in this period, and the development of these indicators will directly affect the laying rate of later laying hens, especially tibia If it does not meet the standard during this period, it will not be able to make up for the later period.

During the peak period of egg production, due to the physiological growth requirements of the flock, the nutrients needed at this stage are relatively large. Therefore, in order to ensure the egg production rate and extend the time of the peak egg production period, it also slows down the decline of the egg production rate. Speed, during this period of time, I suggest that you can use pure Chinese medicine to increase qi and blood to protect the egg production rate by 10% during peak egg production.

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