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Eggs Factory Egg Collection Method

Date:2021-2-10      Author:Egg washing machine

Eggs sold in supermarkets are always neatly arranged. Do you know how eggs factory collects eggs?

First of all, the eggs sold in supermarkets are genuine. After all, the cost of eggs is not high, and there is no need to imitate them. A large number of eggs sold in supermarkets are all delivered from farms.

Eggs Factory

In the eggs factory, the hens are also kept in neat rows of cages, but the space inside is very small, and there is no room for turning around. The only thing that can move is to stretch out the head and eat in the front trough. The chickens need to eat feed and lay eggs every day. There is a conveyor belt that keeps moving at the back of the chicken coop to transport the eggs laid by the chickens to the assembly line.

There are many hens in the eggs factory chicken coop. The purpose of each day is to produce eggs. When it is time to eat, the staff will put food into the chicken coop, and the production of eggs requires many strict conditions, such as the factory’s The temperature must be suitable for the hens. In this way, the hens will grow rapidly. They will also produce on time after they reach adulthood. The eggs produced will fall on the conveyor belt and be transported to specific locations, although most of them are used. Mechanization is that these eggs are indeed produced by hens.

The hens in the factory are irradiated with simulated sunlight, and even the food they eat is prepared according to the prescribed ratio. This is also to produce healthy eggs. Of course, this also shows that they in the factory do not have a large range of activities, that is, they just ate and slept, waiting to lay eggs.

Most of the hens on the assembly line eat feed, usually containing hormones. These chickens can grow up in just a few months, which also meets the demand for eggs.

The eggs factory mainly produces eggs and then provides eggs for major supermarkets. In the factory, there are also modern production lines. There are still special chicken houses in the factory, and the hens in the chicken houses are also organized. Of course However, the eggs laid by this hen are still different from those laid by ordinary hens.

After these hens lay their eggs, they don’t have to wait for people to pick up eggs like domestic chickens. The eggs here will be cleaned, sorted, refrigerated and other operations through automated conveyor equipment, and the quality of the eggs can also be tested. It can be said that this factory is very convenient.

Then they are sent to the assembly line. Workers will pick out unclean eggs or broken eggs, and the remaining eggs will be sterilized by high temperature, then they will be boxed and packaged, and shipped to major supermarkets.