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Egg Washing Machine Wholesale: Egg Cleaning Brush

Date:2020-8-28      Author:Egg washing machine

Clean eggs are fresh egg products that are cleaned, disinfected, dried, coated, and packaged after the eggs are laid. The clean egg surface is hygienic, clean, and has a long shelf life, which greatly improves the quality and safety of fresh eggs.

Egg cleaning machine wholesale: egg cleaning brush

The egg washing machine has the following characteristics

Save labor and improve efficiency. The brush roller (ie egg cleaning brush) is a special nylon brush roller, elastic, fast, wear-resistant, clean, and fast. Sturdy structure, stable performance, no jamming, no dropping, long service life. Especially suitable for farms, cleaning egg processing enterprises, and rural self-employed.

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The air-drying system uses air-drying to remove the moisture attached to the egg surface. The cleaning effect is obvious. When cleaning the pickled eggs with yellow mud, it will be clear and clean in about 2-3 seconds. Special mention is that the stained or mucus parts on the salted eggshells should be cleaned for a few more seconds. It can be cleaned.

The structure of the egg washing machine

Egg washing machine control system: It is composed of a fuse, relay, AC contactor, leakage protector, and control transformer. The control device is controlled by low voltage, which has practical characteristics. Improve the practicality of equipment use.

The cleaning system of the egg washer: It consists of three brushes arranged in an inverted triangle, two of which are cylindrical with different diameters and one is spiral, which helps to clean the stains on the eggs.

The egg loading system of the egg washing machine: It is composed of the egg bottom frame, stainless steel chain, gear, and egg loading wheel. It has the characteristics of a low head and full egg.

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Large and small water tank: It is welded by a 304 stainless steel plate, which has strong anti-corrosion ability. The large water tank is the supporting product of the egg loading system, and the small water tank is the configuration device of the egg discharge system.

The egg delivery system of the egg cleaning machine: After the cleaning is completed, the cleaned eggs can be smoothly collected in the egg basket, reducing labor costs, and improving labor efficiency.

The drive system of the egg washing machine: The egg washing machine system consists of two high-performance motors, one is a geared motor (power 0.55KW); the other is a fractional horsepower motor (0.55KW), using 220V voltage, with low energy consumption, Long service life, and convenient maintenance.