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Egg Washing Machine Suppliers: Washing Duck Eggs

Date:2020-8-28      Author:Egg washing machine

Salted duck eggs have better lung fire and lowering yin fire functions than unmarinated duck eggs. Duck eggs themselves are cold in nature and are cold, and they have the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing the kidney after being pickled. It is suitable for patients with a weak body, hot cough, dry throat, sore throat, high blood pressure, diarrhea, and dysentery after an illness. After the duck eggs are marinated, the nutrition remains the same, and they are more easily absorbed by the body.

Salted duck eggs are delicious, but the production process is very troublesome, especially for washing duck eggs. To make salted duck eggs, you need to mix yellow clay with salt and salt, paste on the outer surface of the duck eggs for pickling, and then wash the soil off the duck eggs.

Manual cleaning of duck eggs, on the one hand, is not clean, on the other hand, the damage rate of duck eggs is very high, especially when the weather is cold, the workers wash the eggs in cold water, and the hands are swollen, which is very hard. Moreover, in the face of a large number of duck egg cleaning, the labor intensity is too great and the work efficiency is not very high.

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There are many benefits of salted duck eggs, but it will be very troublesome to clean the dirt on the surface of duck eggs. It is recommended to use the egg washing machine for duck eggs cleaning.

Egg Washing Machine Suppliers: Washing Duck Eggs

At this time, these problems will not exist when using the fast egg washing machine. LIJUN Machinery Plant’s egg washing machine adopts a ring design. As long as the eggs are poured in from one side, the eggs will enter the cleaning process through the buoyancy of the water. After cleaning, they will come out from the other side again through the buoyancy of the water and automatically load the eggs. Into the plastic basket.

The entire cleaning process can be completed by only one person, which saves time and effort. The eggs washed out are also clean, and the damage rate is not more than one percent. This fast egg washing machine can wash more than 5,000 eggs in one hour, which is very efficient.