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Egg Washing Machine: Small Egg Washer

Date:2020-8-22      Author:Egg washing machine

The egg washing machine is specially used to clean eggs, which has the effect of rapid cleaning and disinfection, can eliminate a variety of bacteria and harmful substances inevitable in the production of poultry, and ensure the safety of eggs.

Small Egg Washer

In order to prevent the chicken and duck eggs from being damaged, put some soft substances. After a long time, there will always be dust or other dirt hidden in them. Using the egg washing machine can easily wash off the dirt on the surface of the eggs, and for professional farmers. It will greatly reduce the workload, without having to clean up one by one.

Egg washing machine: small egg washing machine

Egg washing machine control system: It is composed of a fuse, relay, AC contactor, leakage protector, and control transformer. The control device is controlled by low voltage and has high safety characteristics. Improve the safety of equipment use.

Cleaning system: It consists of three brushes placed in an inverted triangle, two of which are cylindrical with different diameters and one is spiral, which helps to thoroughly clean the stains on the eggs.

Egg loading system: It is composed of an egg bottom frame, stainless steel chain, gear, and egg loading wheel. It has the characteristics of a low head and full egg.

Large and small water tank: It is welded by a 304 stainless steel plate, which has strong anti-corrosion ability. The large water tank is the supporting product of the egg loading system, and the small water tank is the configuration device of the egg discharge system.

Egg delivery system: After cleaning, the cleaned eggs can be collected in the egg basket smoothly, reducing labor costs and improving labor efficiency.

Transmission system: The egg washer system consists of two high-performance motors, one is a geared motor (power 0.55KW); the second is a fractional horsepower motor (0.55KW), using 220V voltage, with low energy consumption and long service life, Features of convenient maintenance.