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Egg Washing Machine Manufacturers: Egg Washer for Sale

Date:2020-8-26      Author:Egg washing machine

The equipment of the Lijun Machinery Factory is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is safe and reliable. Focus on the production of egg processing machinery and equipment, and continue to develop various types of egg breakers, egg liquid separators, shelling, and peeling production lines.

The egg washing machine uses a swinging brush for cleaning, high-pressure water spray, and a fan for drying, which effectively saves the labor intensity of manual cleaning of eggs. It is used in conjunction with the egg sheller production line and egg knocker production line.

Egg Washing Machine Manufacturers

Since most domestic eggs have not yet been large-scaled in egg trays, most of them are in plastic boxes. Therefore, there are too many eggs in bulk, and the automatic egg loading system of the vacuum egg suction device cannot be used. In view of the domestic egg market, our company uses water tanks to load eggs and uses the buoyancy of water to transport the eggs to the next processing procedure through the water tank conveyor belt. It can be equipped with an egg peeling machine production line, egg knocking machine production line, quail egg peeling machine production line.

Egg Washing Machine Manufacturers: Egg Washer for Sale

Eggs have a good defense effect and help protect the embryo during incubation. The shell is covered by a waxy layer (skin) that helps prevent microorganisms from entering the holes that allow gas to pass through.

The stratum corneum is impermeable, and the water on the surface of the eggshell will destroy these defenses because water helps bacteria pass through the pores of the eggshell and enter the egg. If the contact time between the egg and the water is short, the microorganisms will hardly penetrate into the egg. Therefore, it is important to limit the time for the shell to get wet. Soak the eggs in water for only one to three minutes to allow microorganisms to penetrate into the shell.

Please note that washing eggs may damage the epidermis or flowers, and the waxy layer will close the pores and help prevent bacteria from entering. In the past, protecting the skin was important because cold storage was not always possible.