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Egg Washing Machine for Sale: Tomatic Egg Washer

Date:2020-8-26      Author:Egg washing machine

At present, the egg cleaning machine commonly used by food processing and manufacturing enterprises adopt flowing water cleaning, that is, the method of setting up running water on the egg conveyor bed to wash the eggs on the conveyor bed in a flowing way. The cleaning force is not strong and the cleaning effect is not thorough enough. Many condensed dirt and stains cannot be removed before washing.

A brush for washing the eggs is arranged under the egg fixing part. The brush can only brush the part of the egg fixed at the fixing part, and it is also difficult to clean thoroughly.

Egg Washing Machine For Sale

The automatic egg cleaning machine includes a sealed egg cleaning chamber with a cleaning cavity in the egg cleaning chamber; a rolling brush mechanism is provided on the egg cleaning chamber, and the rolling brush mechanism includes at least one cleaning horizontally arranged in the cleaning cavity. The brush, the cleaning brush can make a circular rotation around its axis.

The automatic egg washing machine adopts molded engineering plastic parts, and the rubber parts can better meet the anti-corrosion requirements on the basis of ensuring mechanical performance. Greatly improve the service life of the equipment.

Egg Washing Machine for Sale: Tomatis Egg Washer

Equipped with spray pipes, the cleaning part is equipped with a single row of egg wash, the eggs keep rotating during the conveying process, and the horizontal brushes perform multi-directional brushing of the eggs. The brush roller is three-stage cleaning, a total of 6 brushes.

On the front and back sides of the egg cleaning chamber, there are a row of egg inlet holes and a row of egg outlet holes respectively. The number of egg inlet holes and egg outlet holes is the same; there is also a cylinder in the cleaning cavity, which can be Circumferential rotation in the cleaning cavity; at least one row of carrying bins is provided on the cylinder, and the number of carrying bins in a row is the same as the number of egg inlet and egg outlet holes, and the carrying bin is a carrying cavity The volume of the carrying cavity can accommodate the placement of eggs, and the carrying compartment is not closed on its front and rear sides.

After the cylinder rotates at a certain angle, the carrying compartment on it corresponds to the egg inlet/outlet hole one by one, and when rotating, one side of the egg placed in the carrying compartment rotates and rubs with the cleaning brush, and the other is inserted into the egg. The inner wall of the cleaning bin is in contact; a cleaning water injection device is provided on the egg cleaning bin for injecting the cleaning water into the cleaning cavity.