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Egg Washing Equipment: How to Clean a Chicken Egg

Date:2020-8-26      Author:Egg washing machine

The egg washing method of the egg washing machine mainly relies on the sweeping cleaning and resonance effect of the egg washing liquid and the brush of the egg washing machine to realize the washing and cleaning of eggs. The effect of cleaning depends on the disinfection of egg liquid to realize the safety, security, and cleanliness of eggs.

How To Clean A Chicken Egg

The egg cleaning machine can remove harmful objects such as feathers remaining on the eggshell, inhibit the intrusion of microorganisms into the egg body, and protect the health of the eater. The function includes automatic egg loading-light inspection-cleaning-drying-coding-spraying and preservation- Sterilization-weight classification, etc., only 2-3 people can easily complete the entire process, saving a lot of production costs.

The egg cleaning machine is the eggs that are specially processed by the processes of grading, cleaning and drying, ultraviolet disinfection, oiling and fresh-keeping, and food-grade ink printing on fresh eggs.

The operation process of egg cleaning equipment

First, manually put the eggs or suction cups on the conveyor belt, and then pick out the unqualified eggs through the light inspection system. Then the eggs are washed with warm water and washed with a brush.

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The surface of the eggs is quickly dried by a strong wind. After the drying process, the conveyor belt. The spray code is reserved on the upper part, and the dried egg products enter the atomization chamber, and the food-grade white mineral oil is atomized into an oil mist by the atomization device, which sticks to the surface of the eggshell to form a protective film to reduce water loss in the egg.  To prevent the entry of external bacteria, to achieve the purpose of preservation.

The egg cleaning equipment is sterilized by ultraviolet light to extend the shelf life. Finally, clean and dry eggs are manually loaded into the tray.