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Egg Washer Machine: The First Step In Sanitizing Eggs

Date:2020-9-2      Author:Egg washing machine

Uncleaned poultry eggs will reduce their shelf life due to microorganisms on the eggshell, and cleaned poultry eggs will extend their shelf life through disinfection coating and specific packaging methods. Generally speaking, the shelf life of fresh eggs can be prolonged through cleaning, disinfection, and film preservation.

If the eggs are not cleaned and disinfected, it will easily cause seasonal fluctuations in the price of poultry eggs. The price of eggs is lower in the season when the production of poultry eggs is large, and the price increases when the production of poultry eggs is low(Auto Egg Washer Machine: Egg Wash Spray). Such price fluctuations are not conducive to the stable development of the poultry and egg market.

Chicken Egg Washing Machine

Another point is that people’s quality of life has been greatly improved, not only to solve the problem of food and clothing, but more often people pay attention to the nutrition and hygiene of food, and at the same time, for eggs and other products with low-fat content, There are also new requirements for healthy foods with higher nutritional value.

Egg Washer Machine: The First Step In Sanitizing Eggs

This has increased the demand for egg products, so in order to better sell egg products, Lijun Machinery Factory has solved the cleaning and disinfection work for major egg product providers, which is a key factor in ensuring product quality.

The automatic cleaning machine is vertically installed with a roller directly below the receiving hopper. There are bristles on the inner surface of the roller, and a driving wheel is installed and fixed on the outer circle of the roller. The driving wheel is connected with the transmission system and is directly below the roller.

The position of the belt conveyor is equipped with a receiving hopper, one end of the belt conveyor is installed in the receiving hopper directly under the drum, and the part of the belt conveyor outside the receiving hopper is installed in a horizontal state. The belt conveyor is installed in the horizontal position. Drying device.