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Egg Sorting Machine: Introduction to Six Functions

Date:2020-9-19      Author:Egg washing machine

The egg sorting machine uses its own industrial network to process signals to control it. The egg sorting machine includes functions such as cleaning, drying, testing, and sterilization. Because such a network avoids the use of a large number of cables and provides an integrated self-checking and diagnosis system, it ensures the safe and reliable operation of the machine.

The egg sorting machine is a kind of advanced new equipment. The equipment can automatically distribute the eggs to different collection baskets according to the weight of the eggs. It has the characteristics of reliable performance, convenient operation, high efficiency, and the eggs are not easily broken during the grading process.

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Egg cleaning: Cleaning is a part of the egg processing process(Egg cleaning machine). The cleaning process will remove impurities from the egg.

Egg drying: While the egg sorting machine provides a cleaning system, the equipment also provides a drying process. The unique nozzle system is used to scrape the residual water from the eggshell so that the moisture is also evaporated so that the eggs are completely dry when they enter the egg sorter. The dryness is so good that it can be directly printed.

Dust and feather removal system: Most of the dust in the egg selection workshop comes from the eggs themselves. The system can blow off the feathers and dust floating on the eggs and remove them by a vacuum system. Removal of dust can not only ensure the cleanness of the eggs, but also the cleanliness of the equipment.

Semi-automatic lighting trough system: The egg sorting machine can easily detect unqualified eggs manually, and the equipment automatically counts and manages.

Crack detection system: The electromagnetic sound control system can detect hair-like cracks. The crack detector is placed above the egg stream.

Ultraviolet disinfection system: Ultraviolet rays can effectively kill bacteria on the surface of eggs and rollers. Although ultraviolet rays cannot repair spoiled eggs, the possibility of cross-infection in the egg sorter equipment can be reduced.