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Egg Processing Machine: How to Peel Fresh Eggs?

Date:2020-9-1      Author:Egg washing machine

Egg processing mainly uses the close relationship between the inner membrane and the protein to achieve the method of removing the eggshell. The acidity of the protein is the most important factor affecting the adhesion of the protein to the shell membrane.

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The pH value of the eggs just laid by the chicken is about 7, and the adhesion between the inner membrane and the egg white is the largest, so the hard-boiled eggs are the least likely to peel. It is best to boil the egg in warm water, then put it in cold water to cool it quickly, then place the egg on the table and gently knead it with your hands, and rub its shell into small pieces for easy peeling.

Egg Processing Machine: How to Peel Fresh Eggs?

The choice of eggs: fresh and old. Never use fresh eggs to boil, because the shell of fresh eggs is not detached from the egg white and yolk, so it is difficult to peel off after being cooked. Of course, boiled eggs should be stale. Eggs are usually about 7 days old, and the egg white and yolk are naturally separated from the shell so that the cooked eggs are easy to peel off.

Separate several ways to easily peel eggs

Fresh eggs are stored for a week and then boiled, which will be easier to peel. The time for boiled eggs is controlled at 5-8 minutes, which will be easier to peel. Boil the eggs in cold water and put the boiled eggs in water to cool. The eggshell will separate easily.

Put the boiled eggs into the water cup, and separate the eggshells by shaking the water cup. Use an egg stripper to punch holes at both ends of the egg, and blow the air to make the egg completely peeled. Adding a little baking soda when cooking eggs can increase the pH value and make it easier to peel.

Egg protein digestibility ranking: 99.7% of boiled eggs, almost all of them are absorbed and utilized by the human body. For fried eggs and spread eggs, the protein digestibility of these two methods is 98%. Scrambled eggs are 97%, steamed eggs have a protein digestibility of 92.5%, and raw eggs are only 30%-50%. So if you want to eat eggs with high nutrition, then eat boiled eggs.