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Egg Preservation Processing Equipment: Increase the Preservation Effect

Date:2020-9-25      Author:Egg washing machine

Professional farming households in rural areas also adjusted their breeding scale and structure in due course to further improve the stability of egg production and quality. However, egg products still have to be sold through the terminal market to bring value to the enterprise. Egg products not only follow the market While the changes in the eggs bring different values ​​to the company, but it also brings corresponding negative added value to the company with the changes of the seasons.

That is, the eggs will have some physical and chemical changes with the storage time and the temperature of the storage environment. Because it is food, after all, it loses its own value when it cannot be eaten by humans. Therefore, many experts and professors in the industry have studied and invented many methods and technologies for keeping eggs fresh without letting them lose their sales value and edible value, such as the use of high-efficiency, natural and non-toxic biological preservation agent-polysaccharides. Classes, proteins, lipids, etc., but most of them are still in the stage of theoretical research and exploration.

Egg preservation processing equipment

Lijun Machinery Factory provides a kind of egg preservation and processing equipment, which can evenly coat eggshell oil on the surface of the eggshell, and form a uniform and dense “artificial protective film” after drying so that the pores of the egg are in a sealed state.

This layer of the membrane can prevent oxygen and microorganisms from entering the egg, reduce the evaporation of water in the egg, and increase the accumulation of carbon dioxide concentration, thereby weakening the respiration of the egg and mimicking the movement of active enzymes in the egg, reducing the life decay process of the egg to achieve The purpose of egg preservation, in conjunction with a reasonable storage environment for eggs, can not only extend the shelf life but also effectively reduce consumer purchase costs.

The cleaning device, the first air-drying device, the disinfecting device, the oiling device, the second air-drying device, and the light detecting device are sequentially connected to the egg preservation processing equipment. The equipment can effectively improve the efficiency of egg preservation and processing, increase the preservation effect of eggs after processing, and reduce the loss of egg products during sales and transportation. At the same time, the automation rate in product production is improved and labor costs are saved.

Working process of egg preservation and processing equipment:

The sorted eggs are cleaned by a cleaning device. The cleaned eggs are air-dried and enter the disinfection device. The disinfection device disinfects the surface of the eggs. Then there is an oiling device for eggshell oil coating, and then enters the second time The air-drying device air-drys the eggshell oil on the egg surface. The air-dried eggs are sorted out by the light inspection device to pick out the cracked eggs and finally packaged by the finished product packaging device.