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Egg Peeling Machine: How to Peel Quail Eggs

Date:2020-8-29      Author:Egg washing machine

The quail egg peeling machine can easily and quickly solve the peeling problem, and will not cause surface damage to the quail egg, ensuring the integrity of the quail egg.

The quail egg shelling machine is a machine for mechanized shelling of quail eggs. It is simple to operate, highly efficient, and energy-saving. The damage rate of the quail egg shelling machine does not exceed 3%. The quail egg shelling machine can be used in quail egg snack foods such as marinated eggs, and white egg processing industries.

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Egg Peeling Machine: How to Peel Quail Eggs

Quail eggs are rich in nutrients, especially suitable for the elderly and children. Quail eggs are an aspirational tonic for patients with cardiovascular disease. However, it is very difficult to peel quail eggs. Quail eggs are not only small but also easy to break during the peeling process, which affects the appearance of the dishes.

Characteristics of quail egg peeling machine

In order to ensure cleanliness, quail egg peeling machines are usually made of stainless steel, which can better ensure the hygiene of the product. It can peel 30 kilograms of quail eggs each time, with high efficiency and zero damage rate, which can better ensure the efficiency of quail egg peeler. Often used in food processing, canteens, and other places.

Manual peeling method of quail eggs

Put the boiled quail eggs into an airtight box, add a little water, and close the lid. Pinch it with your hands and shake for 3 or 4 minutes.

Open the lid and you can see that the quail eggs have changed to the bottom. If you peel it again at this time, the shell of the quail egg can be peeled off quickly and well, and the egg white will not be damaged at all.