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Egg Grading Machine: Lijun Egg Processing Machine Manufacturers

Date:2020-9-7      Author:Egg washing machine

Egg Grading Machine is an important part of the egg processing machine, it can not only meet the production needs but also meet the various needs of egg production.

Configuration instructions of egg classifier

The frame structure of the egg grading machine is made of 304 stainless steel. The equipment has lightweight, good strength, and beautiful appearance; the accessories are consistent, no difference, and have good interchangeability; knife-type conveying, using the principle of lever weighing, accurate weighing, eccentric chain wheel, and compensation sprocket drive structure to improve efficiency.

Lijun egg processing machine

Eccentric sprocket and compensation sprocket transmission structure to increase the rate; use cam gear structure and chain transmission, so that the eggs are weighed in sequence without damage; self-rolling rubber wheels, automatically adjust the arrangement of the eggs; light inspection cover can be detected by light inspection the quality of the egg.

The egg grading machine is conveyed in a row: after the eggs are transported to the entire row table through the central egg collection belt, the eggs are transported in an orderly row; the eggs on the conveyor roller pass through the rowing device to form the large and small eggs in a unified orientation for easy rear The tray is loaded and the egg is placed in the tray with the big end up; the vertical rotation system is adopted to convey a single egg to achieve a high-speed conveying channel; then the big end of the egg is placed in the egg tray in order through the conveying channel.

Finally, according to the actual situation on-site, automatic or manual delivery of egg trays can be selected for egg tray delivery; finished product delivery: the palletized eggs are output via a conveyor belt and palletized by manual or automatic palletizers; control system: operation via touch screen Control, equipment output can be set, and the output of each chicken house can be counted when there are multiple chicken houses.

egg preservation and processing equipment

The fully automatic egg grading machine produced by LIJUN Machinery Plant includes a feeding mechanism connected to each other, an observation mechanism capable of observing the inside of the feeding mechanism, a water spray mechanism for spraying water on eggs, and a mechanism for cleaning the surface of eggs.

Washing mechanism, an air-drying mechanism with air cooler, drying mechanism with hot air blower, weighing and sorting mechanism for sorting eggs according to different sizes, sealing mechanism for sealing egg boxes for packaging eggs and sealing eggs Egg collection device for shipment.