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Egg Cleaning Machine Egg Processing Equipments: Roto Egg Washer

Date:2020-8-22      Author:Egg washing machine

An egg washing machine is also known as an egg cleaning machine, including an egg washing machine, duck egg washing machine (including fresh duck eggs, gray eggs, mud, salted eggs, etc.).

In some special cases, when using the egg washer to clean eggs, manual or auxiliary equipment is required to perform a single row and single egg cleaning operation. The cleaning efficiency is low, time-consuming, and electricity-consuming and the cleaning brush can only clean both ends of the eggs.

Egg Cleaning Machine Egg Processing Equipments

The middle position is difficult to clean, and the cleaning quality does not meet the product requirements. In addition, there are also problems such as insufficient drainage of the cleaning tank, difficult cleaning of the equipment, and separate and independent components of the whole machine.

This is the reason why Lijun Machinery Factory manufactures egg washing machines, so why do we need egg washing machines to clean eggs?

When the egg cloaca is produced, intestinal microorganisms will adhere to the surface, and a large number of pathogenic bacteria will be infected in the polluted environment. Sampling surveys show that 10% of eggs carry Salmonella on their surfaces, and 64% of eggs have serious Escherichia coli on their surfaces.

Microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria on the surface of the egg will enter the egg through the numerous stomata on the eggshell and multiply, which will seriously affect the quality of the egg and cause harm to the eater. The only way to prevent eggs from being contaminated is to quickly clean and disinfect the eggs after they are laid.

Kill harmful bacteria, remove their pollutants, and completely eliminate a variety of bacteria and harmful substances that are inevitable in the production of poultry.