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Egg Cleaning Grading Machine Introduction

Date:2021-1-7      Author:Egg washing machine

Eggs are necessary for our daily diet and are very beneficial to human health. In addition, eggs are usually used for further processing to make bread, cakes, biscuits, etc., which has a broad market prospect.

An egg cleaning grading machine is needed in the process of processing eggs. This article introduces the related content of the egg cleaning grading machine.

Egg Cleaning Process

Egg Cleaning Grading Machine Introduction

Egg cleaning grading machine adopts automatic cleaning and electronic weight classification system, which can quickly clean and accurately classify eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, etc.

Egg cleaning grading machine adopts humanized design, low operating cost, and accurate egg grading system. It is a piece of ideal equipment for egg processing enterprises and so on.

Egg Grading machine is used for sorting eggs into different grades by weight. The main constitutes are including eggs conveying belts, eggs groove, eggs grader, and filtrating floor.

Remarkable Features of Egg Washing Grading Machine

* Fully automatic egg cleaning and grading process, quick and clean.
* Electronic weight grading, efficient and accurate.
* Light inspection method of egg quality, automatic spraying with cleanser and warm water.
* Stainless steel material, easy cleaning, easy maintenance, high durability, corrosion-resistant.
* Humanized design, easy to operate, low operating costs, broad application field.
* oil coating and code printing system are optional.
* Different models with different capacities and materials to choose from, and convenient for different levels of egg processing enterprises.