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Edible Efficacy and Function of Quail Eggs

Date:2020-9-17      Author:Egg washing machine

Quail eggs have rich nutritional value. Let’s share the nutritional value of quail eggs and how to quickly obtain peeled quail eggs.

Quail eggs can treat diseases: quail eggs can assist in the treatment of edema, obesity-type hypertension, diabetes, anemia, hepatomegaly, cirrhosis, ascites, and many other diseases. It has certain effects on chronic gastritis and anemia.

It has a tonic effect on patients with anemia, malnutrition, neurasthenia, irregular menstruation, hypertension, bronchitis, and vascular sclerosis. For women with anemia and irregular menstruation, its functions of regulating, nourishing, and beautifying skin are particularly significant.

Boil And Peel Quail Eggs Quickly

Quail eggs relieve insomnia: regular eating can relieve insomnia, neurasthenia, dreaminess, and other symptoms.

Quail eggs can strengthen the brain: quail eggs are rich in lecithin and cephalin, which are indispensable nutrients for high-level nerve activity and have a brain-building effect.

Quail eggs can also prevent allergies: quail eggs can prevent skin allergies, rheumatism, vomiting, and drug allergies caused by eating fish and shrimp.

If you want to quickly obtain peeled quail eggs, the manual production efficiency is too low, so at this time we need to use a quail egg peeling machine to replace manual production, speeding up production efficiency while ensuring the food of egg products Health and safety.

Lijun Machinery Factory has been updating and optimizing the quail egg shelling machine for many years in order to obtain the highest production benefits in the least time for the majority of egg processing industry businesses so that it can speed up the efficiency of shelling while ensuring the integrity of the eggs.

The quail egg shelling machine is the special equipment for peeling egg skins. It can quickly remove eggshells in a short time with zero damage. It is mainly used in the food business and sales.

The quail egg shelling machine is made of stainless steel as a whole, which is light and durable, ensuring that the machine will not rust during the working process. The quail egg shelling machine is used in conjunction with the quail egg shelling machine to strengthen the shelling effect, improve efficiency, and reduce the damage rate. According to the needs of customers, there is also an assembly line, one assembly line is equipped with two shelling machines, so the shelling efficiency is greatly improved.