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Different Types of Egg Preservation Tips

Date:2020-9-7      Author:Egg washing machine

Eggs can provide a large amount of protein for the human body. We also often consume eggs or egg-related foods. Every family reserves some eggs. If you want to keep eggs fresh and preserved for a long time, then you must master some egg preservation skills.

Salt preservation method. Wash the eggs and dry them. Sprinkle a layer of fine salt and a layer of eggs on the bottom of the altar or jar for storing fresh eggs, then sprinkle a layer of fine salt to cover the eggs, then place a layer of eggs, sprinkle a layer of salt, and operate until the jar Fill it up. Cover the eggs tightly with fine salt in the last layer, then cover them with a lid and place them in a dark place. This method can preserve fresh eggs for as long as 6 months.

Vertical storage method. Fresh egg whites are thick and can effectively fix the position of the yolk. However, as the storage time is prolonged, the mucin in the protein will gradually become thinner under the action of the protease and lose its role in fixing the yolk.

Collect eggs quickly

Because the specific gravity of the egg yolk is smaller than that of the egg white, the egg yolk will raise when placed horizontally, close to the shell, and become a yolk egg or a yolk egg. If you put the big end of the egg upright, there will be an air chamber inside the egg head, and the gas inside will prevent the yolk from getting close to the shell.

Grease preservation method. It can prevent the evaporation of carbon dioxide and water in the eggshell, and also prevent the infiltration of bacteria. It can be stored for about 36 days in summer. But this method is only suitable for use when the temperature is between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius.

The mature oil is refined from pig fat, 0.012 g griseofulvin is added to every 10 g of oil as a bacteriostatic agent, and 10 g of vitamin C is added as an antioxidant to make paint. The fresh eggs are disinfected with 1% peroxyacetic acid, and then coated with gauze dipped in the paint on the surface of the eggshell, and the coated eggs can be placed in the container. About 7 grams of lard is used per kilogram of eggs. This method can keep fresh for more than 5 months.

Moisture-proof and fresh-keeping method. Put fresh, unbroken, uncracked, or dirty eggs (do not rinse) and bury them in clean, dry rice husks, millet, sawdust, and sand to extend their freshness.

Millet buried preservation method. Lay the bottom with millet about 3 cm thick in the tank or pot, and put eggs on the rice. After the eggs are filled, fill the gaps between the eggs with millet. Cover the top layer with millet cover about 3 cm, and place the top in the tank or pot. In a cool place, eat and take and cover. The eggs can be stored for more than 200 days without deterioration.

Farm egg processing

Hot water scalding preservation method. Put the fresh eggs in boiling hot water and blanch them for 5 seconds, then put them in the jars that have been blanched in boiling water, and store them in a cool place for 1-2 months.

Lime water immersion preservation method. 1 kg of quicklime, 20 kg of water, put it aside after mixing, and use the supernatant. Put the egg in the jar, and pour the lime water (supernatant) so that the water surface is 5 cm higher than the egg surface. Sprinkle a handful of salt in the jar. After sealing, put the jar in a cool place. It can be stored for 2 months in summer.

Avoid packing eggs with volatile substances. Do not store eggs with strong odor food materials such as onions, ginger, and garlic. Therefore, the strong smell of substances such as green onions, ginger, chili, etc. will penetrate into the egg through the pores on the eggshell, accelerating the deterioration of the egg.

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