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Detailed Definition and Introduction of Lijun Egg Breaker

Date:2020-8-20      Author:Egg washing machine

Cakes, unlike bread, are products that swell with yeast fermentation. Cakes, pastries, etc., use the expansion force of eggs and oil to make the product soft, so they must be beaten with egg breakers.

It must be stopped to change gears. When the gears cannot be changed, the egg can be toggled to avoid damage to the gear impact.

The thick silk of the egg, if it is too thick, it must be reduced to avoid damage to the egg.

Do not lift the cylinder when breaking eggs, to ensure that the egg balls are not worn and extend the service life.

When cleaning the batter on the egg beater, do not hit the egg beater hard on the egg beater. This will break the wire and you must clean it by hand.

How to use an egg breaker?

1. The manual egg breaker is the easiest to use, just put the egg breaker in the egg liquid and break up.

2. It is not difficult to use the electric egg beater: the rod-like screw of the egg beater is used to stir the flour, and the round-end stirring rod is used to beat the egg white. Insert one (two) mixing heads before each use. Remove and clean after use. The switch can be adjusted in high and low grades, with the lowest power in 1st gear.

3. Spiral egg breaker: Put the egg tray flat, hold the egg breaker up and down, and hit the hard foam you want.

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