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Demystify the Intelligent Egg Production Plant

Date:2021-1-28      Author:Egg washing machine

With the development of science and technology, egg production plants have also begun to adopt intelligence. This article will take you to demystify the intelligent egg production plant.

The intelligent egg production plant includes: experts give chickens online medical treatment and prescribe medicine; automatically put in feed and water, and automatically clean the feces; actively monitor and identify the physiological conditions such as the amount of food and defecation of the chicken. Poultry farms apply a 24-hour automatic supervision system for breeding, which is the perfect combination of agricultural and industrial intelligent technology!

The amino acid ratio of egg protein is very suitable for the physiological needs of the human body and is easily absorbed by the body. The utilization rate is as high as 98%, and the nutritional value is high. It is one of the foods commonly eaten by humans.

egg production plant

An intelligent egg production plant can raise 130,000 chickens by one person.

Before entering the factory, you need to be fully armed. After wearing protective clothing, masks, and shoe covers, you have to walk in the disinfected water.

egg production plants

The chicken farm is kept at a constant temperature and kept at 20-25°C which is good for chicken growth all year round. Through the working operation room, you can see the temperature, wind speed, and the opening and closing of the fans at each time point.

Chicken coop

Don’t underestimate these boxes. A small operation of these small boxes can control the opening and closing of many large devices. The data collection and control of the chicken house temperature, humidity control, feeding, water feeding, and manure removal are all carried out by the computer.

Work room

Egg production process

The eggs you eat every day are produced like this! Chickens eat well and drink well. When they reach their age, they begin to fulfill their egg-laying mission. The eggs will be sent to another workshop for pre-market baptism.

① Pick an egg

Pick an egg

Pick out all broken eggs. Eggs that are crooked and ridiculously dirty are best picked out to prevent them from contaminating other eggs.

② Take a bath

Wash eggs

If the contaminants on the eggshell are not washed off, it will become a potential factor affecting the preservation of eggs.

So I have to give them a quick bath.

This shower is fully automatic, scrubbing the mud while washing, thoroughly scrubbing the dirt off the eggs.

It’s much more comfortable than our home shower.

The eggs just got wet from the shower, so a special mini hair dryer is here!

clean egg

③ UV sterilization

UV sterilization

Bathing can only solve the dirt on the surface of the eggshell, but for microorganisms that we can’t see with the naked eye, we have to activate the ultraviolet sterilization equipment.

In the brief companionship of the faint blue light, the bacteria on the eggshell had nowhere to hide and disappeared.

④ Inspection


Inspection is to see the inside of the egg through the light.

There is a beam of light under each egg. Under the illumination of the light, the egg becomes transparent, and the egg liquid in the eggshell can be clearly displayed, which can pick out the bad guys who are deeply hidden.

⑤ Knock the egg

Knock eggs

Knock on the egg is to listen to whether the egg is healthy by knocking.

Eggs on the conveyor belt will experience 24 small hammers tapping in different directions.

These little hammers are equivalent to earpieces of sound. They collect the sound and transmit it to the computer for analysis. Then the machine will react and separate the bad guys automatically.

⑥ Atomized coating film

Atomized film

If you observe carefully, you will find that the surface of fresh eggs has a glossy gelatinous film.

This layer of gelatinous membrane is like the natural coat of the egg. It can prevent the infection of bacteria and ensure that the egg can breathe normally, thereby extending the preservation time of the egg.

Experts have developed a “new dress” for eggs, which is a colorless, odorless, and non-toxic oil-smearing agent whose composition is similar to the gelatinous membrane of the original clothes of eggs.

But how does this dress fit on the egg?

Egg atomization coating film

By spraying the film! The eggs are rolled at a constant speed in the assembly line, and the “new clothes” developed are sprayed evenly on the surface of the eggs through pressure atomization. This wonderful feeling is like a girl applying beauty spray.

After putting on the new clothes, the fresh-keeping period of the eggs is greatly prolonged. It is not a problem for one or two months in the refrigerator!

Modern chicken farms apply a 24-hour automatic supervision system for breeding, and the perfect combination of agricultural and industrial intelligent technology has completely refreshed many of us on chicken breeding!