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Complete Liquid Egg Processing Line

Date:2021-1-27      Author:Egg washing machine

The liquid egg processing line refers to the production line for the machine processing of eggs. For example, the sterilized egg liquid includes egg white and egg yolk; it can also be prepared for the preparation of egg powder (Introduction of Egg Powder Making Machine).

This article mainly introduces the complete liquid egg processing line.

Egg Processing Line

Why do we need liquid egg processing?

The liquid egg is an egg liquid product obtained by a series of processing of fresh poultry eggs, which can be divided into egg white liquid, egg yolk liquid, and whole egg liquid. Liquid eggs can effectively solve the problems of fragile shell eggs, difficult to transport and difficult to store, and at the same time, because the aseptic packaging is more hygienic and safe, it is more convenient to use. At present, liquid egg products are quite popular in the United States, Europe, Japan, and other countries, and the processing volume of liquid egg products accounts for about 30%-40% of their total fresh eggs.

Complete liquid egg processing line introduction

The complete liquid egg processing line includes egg washing – egg picking – egg beating (egg yolk and egg white separation and filtration) – raw material storage and sterilization – cooling, filling, and refrigeration.

Three key steps of the egg liquid production line

egg washing

Egg cleaning machine: A machine that automatically cleans eggs, which greatly improves the quality and safety of fresh eggs.

Egg breaker &separator: gently break all eggs to produce whole eggs or separate egg yolks and egg whites.

The company’s egg breaking separators are all made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, with stable performance, simple and convenient operation, greatly improving work efficiency, and effectively reducing enterprise labor costs. It can process 25,000 eggs in one hour.

The reason why all the eggs are gently smashed to obtain the whole egg liquid, the yolk, and the egg white is that the temperature that different parts can accept is different and needs to be pasteurized separately; in addition, the finished products processed by different parts are different. : The whole egg liquid can be further processed into egg powder, and the egg yolk can be made into mayonnaise.

Egg yolk and egg white pasteurization

Because the egg yolk and egg white are delicate and fragile, rich in crude nutrients, pasteurization can kill all pathogenic bacteria, while ensuring product quality and extending the shelf life.

Operation precautions of egg paste pasteurizer

1. Whether each equipment can supply water normally, sterilization tank, refrigeration tank, etc.;
2. Turn on the air compressor required for the filling equipment and confirm that the air supply pipe is unobstructed,
3. Check whether the drainpipe of each piece of equipment is unblocked;
4. For compressor installation, find a professional air conditioner for installation.

Liquid Egg Processing Line

The final product of the egg liquid production line

Egg powder: Standardize the entire egg wave, pasteurize, spray dry, and put it into a vertical bag. The shelf life is 2 years. The moisture content of fresh liquid egg mixture is about 75%, and the moisture content of egg powder is about 5%, so about 3 units of liquid egg mixture can get 1 unit of egg powder. The drying temperature is 120-150°C.

Mayonnaise: A bottle or jar filled with tin cans after being homogenized with egg yolk as raw material, then mixed with oil, acid, vinegar, lemon juice, and other ingredients.

Our company’s machine specifications are 8000 pieces of egg liquid production line (whole egg liquid); 10000 pieces of egg liquid production line (egg yolk and egg white separation); 8000 pieces of egg liquid production line (whole egg liquid); 8000 pieces of egg liquid production line (egg yolk and egg white) Separate).

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