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Compare Quail Eggs and Chicken Eggs

Date:2020-12-3      Author:Egg washing machine

Eggs can be eaten in a variety of ways, steamed, fried, fried, and even after some special processing methods, they can become another delicacy-preserved egg. It is really a portion of great food, and more importantly: eggs are rich in protein and have high nutritional value.

Compared with eggs, quail eggs are not so common. It is widely used in a nourishing diet, and it is also quite special in terms of nutrients.

Although quail eggs are much smaller than eggs, with brown spots on the shell, they are not inferior to eggs in terms of nutritional value. Eggs and quail eggs are both eggs, so many friends will be curious about the results of comparing the two. So today, let’s make a detailed comparison of the two for reference by curious friends.

Compare Quail Eggs and Chicken Eggs

From the perspective of taste, the difference between the two is not very big, because quail eggs are small in size and have a large proportion of egg yolk. Some people may think that quail eggs have a better taste. But the taste of this thing is different from person to person, as the so-called radish greens, each has its own love!

From the perspective of protein analysis, quail eggs and eggs are rich in protein, and the difference in content is very small. It can be called a good protein supplement. But if you need to add vitamin D, it is recommended that you choose eggs, because eggs rank first in the vitamin D content of eggs. The richer content of quail eggs is vitamin B2, which is about 80%. It is recommended that friends who need to supplement specific vitamins can choose targeted.

The current material living conditions have improved, and the obese population has grown larger. Many friends are more concerned about fat intake. The fat content in eggs is actually quite low, which is even lower than quail eggs and a higher level, so friends who lose weight don’t have to worry about getting fat by eating eggs.

It is worth mentioning that both eggs and quail eggs contain cholesterol. Therefore, although the eggs are good, they should not be greedy. If you eat one or two eggs a day, you can eat one or two eggs: quail eggs are small. Generally speaking, eating five or six eggs a day is fine. However, you are here to remind everyone: if you are obese or people with three highs, you must control your egg intake. If you eat it once or twice every three times, it will be fine.

When making boiled eggs, Yinka tends to choose steaming and boiling, so that most of the nutrients in quail eggs and eggs can be fully preserved, and they will not be lost in vain.

The nutritional components of eggs and quail eggs are basically the same details as follows:

1. The protein, fat, carbohydrate, and other nutrients contained in the same weight of quail eggs and eggs are basically the same.

2. Primary and middle school students have a heavier learning burden and use more eyes. They can choose to eat eggs. About 2 eggs a day is the best. Eggs contain high vitamin A content, which has a good effect on the development and protection of vision.

3. Infants and young children can choose to eat quail eggs because quail eggs of the same weight contain higher lecithin than eggs, and lecithin helps children’s brain development.

4. The elderly can choose to eat eggs. Quail eggs have higher total cholesterol than eggs, which will affect the health of the elderly.

5. People with poor gastrointestinal and digestive functions can choose to eat quail eggs, because quail eggs are easier to digest and absorb than eggs, and it is not easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort after eating.

Precautions for eating quail eggs

1. Quail eggs must be cooked before eating.

2. When eating quail eggs, do not eat together with shiitake mushrooms.

3. People with allergies: Some people are allergic to eggs. Since the nutritional content of quail eggs and eggs is not very different, these people are often allergic to quail eggs, so it is recommended not to eat them.

4. Under normal circumstances, three or four quail eggs are equivalent to one egg, so eating 3 to 5 quail eggs a day is enough. Eating too much will have the opposite effect.

All in all, quail eggs and eggs have their own advantages in terms of health. The opposite is true, and the same is true for supplementing eggs. As long as the amount of food is controlled, there is no big problem.