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Egg Breaker &Separator: Commercial Egg Yolk Separator

Date:2020-9-1      Author:Egg washing machine

Egg breaker &separator is an important tool of egg yolk separator, egg breaker &separator that can quickly separate egg white and egg yolk.

Egg breaker &separator working principle: one end of the egg separator is a handle, and the other end is a spoon-shaped head. In the center of the spoon-shaped head is an egg yolk collecting tray. The upper part of the collecting tray is provided with multiple holes (4000 broken egg separators). When using, pour the whole egg into the spoon-shaped head. Inside, the egg yolk falls into the collecting tray, and the egg white is left in the gap of the egg white strip to achieve the purpose of separating the egg white and the yolk.

Egg Breaker &Separator: Commercial Egg Yolk Separator

Egg breaker &separator multifunctional characterized including a body and a separating drawer arranged in the upper mouth of the body; the body is a kettle-shaped cavity with a spout and a handle; the separating drawer is a basket-shaped body with a standing edge and a bottom plate, A number of hemispherical separation grooves are distributed on the bottom plate surface of the multifunctional egg white and yolk separator, and strip or circular leakage holes are opened on the separation grooves.

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When an egg breaker &separator is used, multiple eggs can be poured into each separation tank in the separation drawer at a time. With the action of gravity, the egg white penetrates into the upper cavity of the body through the leakage hole, and the egg yolk remains in the separation In the slot.

When using egg breaker &separator separated the egg yolk and egg white, take out the separating drawer containing the egg yolk, connect the power plug to the power source, turn on the control switch, and the mixer can stir the egg white liquid, and the egg white liquid after being evenly stirred is poured through the spout Out for subsequent cooking.

Through the use of egg breaker &separator, the production capacity and the degree of automation are greatly improved, and the industrialized mass production with stable quality is realized; the labor intensity is greatly reduced, and the working conditions of the staff are improved; the pollution caused by human factors and the damage to the products have fundamentally eliminated the impact of hygiene quality.