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Commercial Egg White Separator: Egg Liquid Separator

Date:2020-8-27      Author:Egg washing machine

The egg liquid filter is designed to filter out eggshells or other impurities remaining in the egg liquid. Suitable for whole egg liquid, egg yolk, and egg white. The filter can be used in bakery food shops and egg flour factories and is also the best choice for egg processing lines.

Egg yolk and egg liquid separator, the separator includes a container, a filter mechanism set on the container, the filtering mechanism is a horn-shaped structure, the filtering mechanism includes a filter layer and a liquid feeding layer set from the inside to the outside, and the filter layer is composed of several filter grids.

The grid is formed with a gap between the grids, and a gap is provided between the filter layer and the liquid feeding layer. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, small floor space, capable of separating multiple eggs from yolk and egg liquid at the same time, and has a good separation effect.

Commercial Egg White Separator: Egg Liquid Separator

Commercial egg white separator is mainly used to separate egg yolk and egg white; the main components of egg liquid separator include balance tank, rotor pump, distribution box, and double filter tube. As our independent design, the filter adopts double-pipe filtering, which can filter the liquid twice, making the eggshell very pure, which can fully meet the requirements of the food industry.

Commercial Egg White Separator

The device for separating egg whites and egg whites belongs to the field of separators, specifically a kind of egg white batch separator. It includes a separate tank and a separation plate. The separation tank is arranged obliquely, and the separation plate is fixed in the separation tank. The separation plate divides the separation tank into the first A channel and a second channel, the first channel and the second channel are connected through the gap between the separation plate and the separation groove, and the middle of the first channel is protruding on both sides.

The inclined surface of the first channel is used to realize the separation of egg white and egg yolk can improve the separation effect, can separate multiple eggs in the first channel at the same time, improve the separation efficiency, realize the flow, and complete the effect of continuous separation.

The structure of the egg liquid separator is simple, easy to use, and can quickly achieve separation and improve the separation effect; this structure can provide good support for the egg yolk, support it at the center of gravity of the egg yolk, reduce the risk of egg yolk damage, and realize the automation and Intelligent separation.