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Commercial Egg Washer for Sale: Duck Egg Cleaning Machine

Date:2020-8-24      Author:Egg washing machine

Everyone should know that there are many intestinal microorganisms attached to the surface of duck eggs. Under normal circumstances, they can be infected with a large number of pathogenic bacteria.

Due to the numerous stomata distributed on the surface of duck eggs, these microorganisms and germs will enter the inside of the duck eggs through the stomata and multiply in large numbers. Not only the quality of the duck eggs is seriously affected, but also the health of the consumers is threatened.

Commercial Egg Washer For Sale

The way to prevent duck eggs from being contaminated is to quickly clean and disinfect the eggs after they are laid to kill harmful bacteria and remove their pollutants. At this time, the egg washing machine plays the role of rapid cleaning and disinfection, which mainly includes cleaning and air drying, oil spraying, preservation, coding, ultraviolet sterilization, light inspection, and electronic grading.

Poultry eggs just produced from the genital pores have three major hazards:

First, the surface of the eggs is not clean, which is not conducive to direct sales;

Second, dirty eggs are easy to spread diseases;

Third, dirty eggs are stored for a short time.

To solve the above problems, Lijun Machinery Factory produced a commercial egg washing machine to solve this problem.

This is the use effect of the egg washing machine. After the eggs are produced, they must be cleaned and disinfected quickly to kill harmful bacteria. Remove contaminants. In this case, it will play the role of sterilization.

Clean eggs are also called clean eggs and clean eggs. They are fresh egg products that are cleaned, disinfected, dried, coated, and packaged after the eggs are laid. The clean egg surface is hygienic, clean, and has a long shelf life, which greatly improves the quality and safety of fresh eggs.

The material composition of commercial egg cleaning

Generally, the material of poultry and egg cleaning machine is made of stainless steel, which is composed of receiving hopper, roller, brush, bristles, driving wheel, transmission system, belt conveyor, drying device, and other components.