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Chicken Egg Washing Machine: How to Clean Fresh Chicken Eggs

Date:2020-8-24      Author:Egg washing machine

The chicken egg washing machine can quickly clean and disinfect duck eggs, kill harmful bacteria, remove their pollutants, and remove a variety of pathogens and harmful substances that are inevitable in the production of poultry.

Chicken Egg Washing Machine: How to Clean Fresh Chicken Eggs

The working principle of the egg washing machine is mainly to use the right amount of water in the front part of the equipment box, and the whole basket of quail eggs can be poured directly into the water in the washing tank. When passing through the box, it will be in a tumbling state under the combined action of the bubble machine and water and will continue to advance with the mesh belt. When the water comes out, there is a spray head for high-pressure washing.

The Chicken egg washing machine is automatic cleaning equipment. 12 Chicken eggs are lined up in the sink of the washing machine. The sand strip on the washing wheel washes each Chicken egg under the action of the water flow. Due to the water flow, the duck egg is normal. No damage, high work efficiency, automatic Chicken egg cleaning, and get rid of the era of hand washing.


Chicken Egg Washing Machine

The automatic egg washing machine has a fast operation speed for egg washing, drying, sterilization, and marking. It is one of the cleaning equipment of egg supply wholesale manufacturers. At present, the conventional full-automatic click egg washing speed is 30,000 pieces/hour, and the classification is accurate. The large-scale egg washing machine can clean, dry, sterilize, and pack the eggs. The processed eggs have no surface dirt and are shiny and tidy. Connecting the packaging parts makes it easier and faster.

In order to increase the value of the egg washing machine output, in addition to choosing equipment with reasonable price and moderate function according to the needs, there are also important matters:

1. Make the same amount of investment and use according to the power and current requirements of the equipment, and do not waste the use of worthless equipment energy, and save the energy waste of equipment additional infrastructure.

2. Before purchasing, conduct a reasonable market survey, formulate a procurement plan, select three currencies, and choose products with high quality and low prices. Reduce investment costs in the selection and purchase of equipment.

3. Before using the equipment, check the power supply, switches, etc., to reduce the occurrence of equipment failure, extend the service life of the equipment, and reduce equipment application expenses.

4. Perform installation and use in accordance with the requirements to reduce the occurrence of failures during installation and use, ensure the normal operation of the equipment, reduce the probability of equipment maintenance, and reduce the cost of equipment use.

5. Regularly inspect the equipment, enhance the awareness of repair and maintenance, apply the equipment according to the equipment operation requirements, and reduce the extra cost of equipment repair and maintenance.