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Chicken Egg Cleaning Machine: Structure and Water Temperature Requirements

Date:2020-8-25      Author:Egg washing machine

The egg washing machine is a machine and equipment for cleaning and disinfecting poultry eggs. Generally, automatic operation is adopted, and the egg washing machine has high requirements for water temperature. Let’s take a look at the structure of the egg washer and the water temperature requirements of the egg in the chicken egg cleaning machine.

The specific structure of the egg washing machine

Egg washing machine control system: It is composed of a fuse, relay, AC contactor, leakage protector, and control transformer. The control device is controlled by low voltage and has high safety characteristics. Improve the safety of equipment use.

Cleaning system: It consists of three brushes placed in an inverted triangle, two of which are cylindrical with different diameters and one is spiral, which helps to thoroughly clean the stains on the eggs.

Commercial Egg Washing Machine

Egg loading system: It is composed of an egg bottom frame, stainless steel chain, gear, and egg loading wheel. It has the characteristics of a low head and full egg.

The size of the water tank of the egg washing machine: It is welded by a 304 stainless steel plate, which has strong anti-corrosion ability. The large water tank is the supporting product of the egg loading system, and the small water tank is the configuration device of the egg discharge system.

Egg delivery system: After cleaning, the cleaned eggs can be collected in the egg basket smoothly, reducing labor costs and improving labor efficiency.

Transmission system: The egg washer system consists of two high-performance motors, one is a geared motor (power 0.55KW); the other is a fractional horsepower motor (0.55KW), using 220V voltage, with low energy consumption and long service life, Features of convenient maintenance.

The water temperature requirements of the egg washer

The temperature of the water used in the egg washing machine is generally at least eleven degrees Celsius higher than the temperature of the egg itself and usually does not exceed 49 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, the egg washing machine in winter should be controlled at a water temperature higher than ten degrees Celsius and lower than 50 degrees Celsius. If the water temperature is lower than ten degrees Celsius, it will cause the part of the egg close to the shell to shrink, and a vacuum area will form inside to cause a pressure difference between the inside and the outside, which makes it easier for bacteria on the shell to enter the inside of the egg.

It also affects the cleaning effect of the egg washer. If the eggs are placed in hot water above 50 degrees for a long time, the eggs will be “cooked”. You can use detergent to better clean the surface of the eggs, and let the eggs dry naturally after washing.