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Causes of Abnormal Noise in the Egg Washer

Date:2020-9-21      Author:Egg washing machine

The use of the egg washing machine is to quickly clean and clean egg food products, to have the effect of disinfection and sterilization of eggs, to improve efficiency, and to save human capital. However, abnormal noises may occur during the use process, which leads to washing. What are the reasons for the abnormal noise of the egg machine?

The egg washing machine is made of stainless steel plate, which can wash fresh eggs, salted eggs, preserved eggs, etc., corrosion-resistant, beautiful, and practical. Durable and easy to operate. The egg washing machine has the function of cleaning and disinfecting. Mainly include clean air monotony, oil spray preservation, spray specification, ultraviolet sterilization, light inspection, and electronic classification. The inevitable pathogenic bacteria and harmful substances in the poultry production process are eliminated, and the food safety of eggs is guaranteed.

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The cause of the abnormal sound problem may be that the bearing lubricant of the egg washer is too small and severely worn, or the internal parts are loose. If it is the former, only the wear of the bearing needs to be checked. If the wear is small, the lubricant can be replaced. The more severe wear needs to replace new bearings in time. If the internal parts are loose, it needs to be disassembled for inspection.

The egg washing machine has the characteristics of automatic cleaning, human-to-egg and container, and high-end production power. Strong structure, stable function, no eggs, no eggs, long service life, and other benefits. We only need to operate in accordance with the norms in order to better play its role. In the cleaning of egg products with different specifications, the size of the two ends of the brush should be adjusted in time to make the brush reach the desired cleaning level.

The high damage rate of other egg products may be caused by severe brush wear. We need to open the top panel of the machine to check the wear of the brush. If the wear is severe, replace the new brush and make certain adjustments to the brush position. Adjust to avoid these problems again.