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Can Eggs be Washed as Food?

Date:2020-12-29      Author:Egg washing machine

Looking at eggs from most countries in the world, you may find a strange phenomenon: eggs are either on the shelf or outdoors, or not near the refrigerator.

Then you will feel very puzzled: why put eggs in these places? Can such eggs be eaten safely?

Americans, Japanese, Australians, and Scandinavians are very cautious about eggs, so they will wash eggs and then put them in the refrigerator to freeze them. But people in most countries in the world don’t mind putting unwashed eggs next to bread or onions. This difference comes down to two things: how to deal with bacteria that may contaminate eggs and how much energy people are willing to consume in order to eat safe eggs.

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About 100 years ago, many people in the world would wash eggs. But the way people wash eggs is wrong, so people in some parts of the world believe that eggs should not be washed. The British imported eggs from Australia, but the eggs washed in Australia turned stinky, which left a bad impression on the British.

In 1970, the U.S. Department of Agriculture improved the method of washing eggs with the help of expensive machines and required all egg producers to wash their eggs. At the same time, many European countries ban washing eggs, while Asian countries do not wash eggs at all. Japan is the only exception. In the 1990s, due to the adverse effects of Salmonella, Japan joined the washing eggs family.

So what is the relationship between washing eggs and refrigeration? When the egg just came out of the ass, the American manufacturer put it in a machine and cleaned it with hot water and soap. The steam bath cleans the eggshell, but this also washes off the almost invisible coating on the eggshell surface, making it lose its natural protection.

Food critic Michael Ruhlman said: “Eggs have a set to protect themselves, one of their protection is this kind of coating, this kind of coating prevents them from being contaminated.”

This coating is like a safety vest for eggs, it allows water and oxygen to enter the eggs and keep bacteria out. Washing the eggs will wash off the coating, which increases the chance of bacteria entering through the cracks in the eggshell surface. Therefore, Americans will spray a layer of oil on the eggs to prevent bacteria from entering, and then put them in the refrigerator to prevent microbial reproduction.

Why wash eggs if it is so troublesome? The reason lies in the fear of Salmonella. Ruhlman said: “The notion that the chicken is dirty or the surface is covered with bacteria has permeated our culture.”

Salmonella enteritidis can infect the uterus of a hen, contaminating the egg yolk before the shell is formed. Cooking usually kills bacteria before they hurt you; according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 142,000 diseases in the U.S. are due to salmonella-containing eggs each year.

In some European countries, hens laying eggs are vaccinated against Salmonella. In the United States, hens do not need to be vaccinated, but eggs must be washed and iced, and egg producers must follow a series of other safety measures.

Vincent Guyonnet, a poultry veterinarian and scientific consultant, said: “These practices are all for the same purpose. There are no huge food safety issues on either side of the Atlantic. Both practices are effective. The most important thing is to persist. Once you The eggs are frozen. You should freeze them before eating them. If you don’t freeze the eggs halfway, they will sweat.”

No one wants sweaty eggs, they will break. Another reason for insisting on refrigerating eggs is the shelf life: if the eggs are refrigerated, the shelf life of only 21 days will become 50 days.

In most countries, it is impossible to freeze eggs continuously because it consumes too much electricity. As for why the attitudes of European countries and the United States towards washing eggs are so different, it is because the degree of cleaning cannot be determined and the safety of eggs is difficult to guarantee.

Guyonnet said: “North Americans like to wash things clean. So they may start washing eggs very early, and they are also one step ahead in refrigeration. But in many places, dirty eggs with poop are not a big deal. Back Just scrub home.”

A survey conducted by the World Egg Association in 38 countries shows that people have a strong sense of the appearance of eggs. Irish, French, Czech, Hungarian, Portuguese, Nigerian, and British people like brown eggs. Canadians, Finns, Americans, and Indians like white eggs. The Dutch and Argentines don’t seem to mind the color of the eggshell.

Of course, the above article introduction is just a brief introduction to whether eggs should be cleaned. If you want to clean a large number of eggs, you can use the egg cleaning machine. LIJUN Machinery Plant specializes in producing various types of egg cleaning machines.

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