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Boiled Egg Peeler Machine: Hard Boiled Egg Sheller

Date:2020-8-29      Author:Egg washing machine

Egg peeler machine is a special peeling machine used for peeling boiled quail eggs. This egg peeler machine can be used alone or together with an egg boiling machine and egg breaking machine. Egg peeler machine is a special peeling machine for shelling boiled eggs automatically. It can shell eggs in high efficiency and with little breakage.

Boiled Egg Peeler Machine: Hard Boiled Egg Sheller

The working principle of the boiled egg peeling machine: the gear is driven by the rotation of the motor, and the sponge pad is driven by the machine to move up and down and the rubber tube to rotate, generating friction to tear the shell of the boiled egg from the surface to achieve the effect of shelling.

The egg sheller has two vibration modes: a vertical vibration motor and an ordinary motor to drive the vibration exciter. The upper and lower ends of the vibration source are equipped with eccentric weights. The heavy hammers at the lower ends have different configurations.

Boiled Egg Peeler Machine

When the excitation source rotates, it produces horizontal, vertical, and inclined three-dimensional motion, and then transmits this motion to the screen surface. Adjusting the phase angle of the upper and lower ends can change the movement trajectory of the material on the screen surface to achieve the purpose of fine screening.

Matters needing attention when using egg sheller

Before starting the machine, remove the bottom screen ring and remove the transport screw and wood;
Carefully check the lubrication of the vibration motor, coupling, vibrator, and other components;
Check the fasteners of the egg sheller, if they are loose, they should be fastened in time;

Regularly inspect the joints and fasteners of each part of the egg sheller. If loose, they should be tightened in time to avoid loud noise, damage to the parts, and even screws and other foreign objects caused by long-term vibration of the equipment. The occurrence of intermediate conditions of incoming materials;

Boiled Egg Peeler Machine

The vibration motor should run clockwise; It should be ensured that the materials enter the egg sheller evenly to ensure the accuracy and output of screening;
When screening dry materials, hoses or canvas sleeves should be connected to the inlet and outlet devices to prevent leakage or dust spillage;

Slurry screening and filtration usually use a single-layer double-outlet egg shelling machine, which reduces the pressure and speed to a stable center of the screen through a buffer, and the slurry supply should be evenly adjustable to avoid affecting the screening effect. The deceleration and pressure reduction control method of the slurry volume is recommended to use the level tank of the overflow pipe to pass the valve to the buffer;

During the working process of the egg shelling machine, if there is an abnormal sound, it should be shut down for inspection immediately, and the production should be started after the problem is eliminated;

After the feeding is finished, let the equipment continue to run for about 5 minutes so that the screen and the bottom of the screen are completely drained, so as to avoid the reversion of residual materials, affecting the screening effect, or the problem of mixing due to replacement of materials and mesh; After the screening work is over, clean the egg sheller equipment.