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Best Quail Selection Techniques for Factory Farming

Date:2021-1-29      Author:Egg washing machine

When breeding quail, the first thing breeding friends should pay attention to is the quality of the quail. The offspring bred from better breeding quails will have better genes, so how to distinguish the quality of breeding quails?

The most important thing to pay attention to when choosing breeding quails is to choose the kind that is more spiritual, which tends to respond quickly and have bright eyes. The mental state is better, so the best quail is selected.

breeding quail

1. Check the glossiness of quail feathers

quail feathers

We want to check the external characteristics of the quail, which is where the naked eye can see. You can check the feathers of the breeding quails first. The breeding quails with a certain luster are better. When the feathers of the breeding quails are dull or chaotic, the health or nutrient absorption of such quails is often not ideal.

Here I would like to remind friends of breeding that some people who specialize in selling quail will put oil on the feathers of quail. You should distinguish the difference between natural luster and grease luster.

2. Check the feather amount of quail

feather amount of quail

In addition to paying attention to the luster of the feathers, it is recommended that you check the number of feathers of the quail. The feather development of quails with fewer feathers is often not very ideal. You can avoid such breeding quails if you have the choice. It’s not to say that fewer feathers are not good. We have to choose a quail with more feathers. A quail with more feathers will provide a lot of nutrients to the feathers so that its physical development will not be ideal. It’s best to choose a breeding quail with a moderate amount of feathers. Such breeding quails will have better nutritional distribution capabilities.

3. Check the quail’s mouth

In addition to feathers, you can also check the mouth of the quail. The mouth of a normal quail is relatively moist, while the mouth of a problematic quail is relatively dry. When checking the quail’s mouth, breeding friends should also pay attention to whether they have been manipulated, so as not to affect our judgment.

4. Check the size of the quail

size of the quail

We should also pay attention to the size of the quail. It is generally believed that the quail with a longer neck will be better. And it is best to have a small head but a rounder quail. If you observe carefully, you will find that this kind of quail will react more sensitively, and if the body has no other diseases, its reaction speed will be relatively slow. This is known to many friends who are experienced in breeding quail and hope that novice breeders can also learn to use this point to call out excellent breeding quail.

5. Check the muscle condition of the quail

muscle condition of the quail

It is best to breed quails with better muscle conditions. You can choose the female quail with a larger belly, and the male quail is best to have stronger legs. The reproductive ability of such quails will be better, and the number of breeding will be more stable. Although the muscle condition is better, everyone should pay attention to their weight. Only moderate weight quails are suitable for reproduction.

It is recommended that when choosing female quail, choose the size between two and a half to three. If a female quail is too big or too small, its egg production rate may be affected. The best male quail is about two halves, and it is best not to have too much difference between the top and bottom. Male quails are best selected to survive for about fifty days.

6. Check quail heat status

quail heat status

We also need to check the heat state of the male quail. For the male quail, we can check its estrus by pressing. There will be a small red bag near its buttocks. We press gently with our hands. If a whitish foamy liquid appears, it means that the quail is already in heat. When looking at the heat of a male quail, check whether its claws are fully extended. If the claws of a quail are not extended, it is best not to choose, because its development is not ideal.

7. Check the quail’s chirping sound

quail's chirping sound

It is generally believed that the better male quails tend to have louder and longer calls.

One last point: most male quails of better quality have a characteristic, that is, the front breast is wider. Friends of breeders can pay attention to this characteristic when choosing quail.

male quails

I will share with you how to choose the best breeding quail here. If you need to know more about breeding, you can follow our website. We will update our knowledge about eggs or quail eggs frequently.