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Basic functions of the eggshell separator

Date:2020-9-21      Author:Egg washing machine

Due to the increasing demand for egg products, the demand for eggshell separators has been increasing. In order to expand the eggshell separator industry, eggshell separator companies must take different routes for different groups. Differentiated development can narrow the gap.

Eggshell separators occupy an important position in the food processing industry and have developed rapidly in recent years. The field of eggshell separators is mainly mass production and manual production. This increase can be attributed to an increase in the demand for bread and other eggshell separators as household disposable income increases.

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In order to improve the level and competitiveness of the eggshell separation industry, it is necessary to take the lead in innovation among larger enterprises and produce one-third of the eggshell separation products currently purchased abroad. Small enterprises, first of all, must go for specialized production, be more refined and stronger, strive to improve management, improve technology, and improve product quality, grade, and competitiveness.

Basic functions of eggshell separator:

Eggshell separator is a commonly used mixing device in food processing. It is used for mixing thick pulps such as syrup, dough, egg juice, and cheese. Eggshell separators are divided into manual eggshell separators and electric eggshell separators.

When operating the eggshell separator, the agitator rotates at a high speed and beats forcefully. The adjusted materials are completely in contact and rubbed violently to achieve the purpose of mixing, emulsification, aeration, and water removal.

Because the viscosity of the mixture is lower than that of the mixture, the speed of the eggshell separator is higher than that of the surface machine, generally in the range of 70-270r/min, which is called a high-speed mixer.

The eggshell separator is mostly vertical and consists of a mixer, a container, a rotating device, a container lifting mechanism, and a chassis.